Let’s go Freekeh!


Bulgur, Freekeh,Quinoa are all these trendy new Super Grains. Yes,they are delcious and no, if you follow a Snickers/ Hamburger/ Sprite diet they won’t make you healthier. ( With this I just express my frustration with the word superfood, ofcourse I love Burgers, Snickers & Sprite!)

Freekeh// Kale// Cucumber// Pomegranate seeds// cucumber// chickpeas// Ground cumin// Salt// Black Pepper// Mint// Coriander// Greek Yoghurt// Olive Oil// Lemon// Garlic

Marinate thinly cut chicken filets in a plastic bag with olive oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic, refrigerate for several hours.
Rinse and cook your freekeh according to package instructions, chop up cucumber and kale and add to freekeh.
Try to dismember half a pomegranate without ruining kitchen and clothes.
Make a yoghurt sauce by chopping up mint, coriander and adding rock salt and black pepper.
This week/month’s revelation are fried chickpeas, Must Try!!
Fry small quantities of chickpeas at a time, this makes sure your frying oil doesn’t cool down too fast.
When fried (about 2 min) roll in a plate of fine salt and ground cumin.
Grill your chicken filets!

The key to a good salad is seasoning! Taste!

Bon Appétit!


A Nordic Salad

quinoa salad

What’s been up lately… We got married last week and holidays are almost over!
It’s tricky to keep up with some healthy lunch food when you’re at home for the holidays but here’s a delicious and light salad.

Mixed Quinoa// juice of half a lime// cucumber// radishes // Dill // Herb Cream Cheese
Smoked salmon// Maldon Salt// Spring Onion //

Cook Quinoa according to package instructions, cool down. Chop up radishes, cucumber , dill and spring onion.
Crumble up soms herb cheese.

And that’s it!

Bon Appétit & enjoy your holidays!



Happy Colourful Tuesday

Asian salad

This will get your 5 a day fruit/veg in just 1 dish & it’s easy!

Udon noodles// Edamame Beans// Enoki mushrooms// Coriander// Daikon// Cucumber// Carrot// Roasted Sesame seeds//
Cooked Ham// Agave Syrup// Soy Sauce// Spring Onion

Cook Udon noodles for 3 minutes in boiling water, cool down. If  Edamame Beans are still frozen you can steam them for about 12 minutes. Rinse and chop up your vegetables. You need to cut of the lower part of the Enoki mushrooms, for this dish I prefer them raw.( Handle with care, they are fragile)
Cut the ham into cubes, boil for 3 min  1 cup of soy sauce together with a good squeeze of Agave syrup. Pour over the ham and keep warm in your oven.
You can add whatever herbs you want to this dish, mint, coriander, spring onion or other Asian herbs.
Normally you would serve this with a very elegant vinegar, that’s where you are wrong. The harder I try the more I come up with these strange combinations *blushing cheeks*

Sweet Chili sauce// homemade Mayo// lemon or lime juice

Until you become a smooth liquid mayo/vinegar.




A Recovery Salad & The Greatest Bachelorette Weekend…


Nothing better than a Healthy Colorful Salad after a pretty (understatement of the Year) heavy weekend, it was Sophie’s Bachelorette Party weekend. 10 girls, the cosiest Chalet in the mountains & drinks was all we needed!

In this salad don’t bother taking measuring cups or other, just chop some Swiss Chard, thank you Grandma! and mix this together with Radishes, Blueberries, crumbled Feta Cheese and a big splash of Olive Oil. Add some rock salt and coarse Black Pepper!


No matching wine this time 😉 but I’m working on the next Recipe!!



Mung Bean Salad & Thinking I could cook…



New Year’s resolution: Take up a cooking class!
As I’m working full time and trying to keep our house out of the program “How clean is your house?”
there is not much time left for my favorite thing which is elaborate cooking 🙂
I wisely decided to add another task so I (for once) took my new year’s resolution serious. 
A Belgian website offers a Home-Study course to become a Cook. Online support is available, 1 year is considered reasonable before taking the official government exam.
OMG! Not only is the study material very interesting but also…  I definitely underestimated the course! From all the different types of meat,poultry to sauces and wine pairing, cigars, bookkeeping.
I’m in for a challenge and very motivated to bring this to a success!

We still need to eat, so here is a little something 🙂

Mung bean salad with chopped:

Cilantro, Mint, Dill, Lemon confit, green onion
A good splash of olive oil
Some course pepper & Maldon Salt
Crumbled Feta cheese

* Make sure you rinse your Mung beans several times and steam for about 30 minutes.
** Those little red things are Inca peppers


X Marie

Beetroot-Cherry Caviar, Hummus & Quinoa Salad



Cooking disaster struck yesterday… Mathias was gone for two days and I wanted to make a typical Belgian dish ( Beef cooked in Brown Beer that we call Stoofvlees) to surprise him. The surprise  was burnt stew.
Very strangely I have never managed to make it, the first time I used the wrong beer and it was disgusting and yellow where it’s supposed to be Brown. Second attempt was burnt. I let it rest for a while now :-).

So today a Healthy Salad which is very hard to ruin! United Nations called 2013 The Year of Quinoa, to be honest I find Quinoa in itself pretty bland. So plenty of veggies and sauces do the trick!

Here we go:

Rinse the Quinoa several times and cook for 12-15 minutes ( 1 Volume of Quinoa = 2 volumes of water).
Grill slices of Eggplant and Zucchini after marinating them in olive oil,lemon juice, salt & pepper.
Make Hummus ( Chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice, Cumin and a tsp of Garam Masala)
Blend Beetroot with olive oil, salt & pepper. I still had some Cherries left so I threw them in. I didn’t taste them that much because the beetroat has such a strong taste but it added a little sweetness.

Do you have a dish that never seems to work?

In the meantime, Enjoy this one 😉 And you’ll be the first ones to know when my Stew had succeeded!!