Legendary Lamb Stew // ChickPea Salad//

Lamb Stew

If you could serve me one dish every day, my grandma’s Lamb Stew would be it. Full delicious flavours, yum!
Although I’ve never been able to make it taste just like she does even with the exact recipe…
Isn’t that the most fascinating thing about cooking?
As I never managed to get the exact same taste, some adjustments were made into a more “oriental” version.
When making a stew, you will need parts of meat that melt in your mouth, meat close to the bone.
In this case cut up the parts of lamb shoulder.
Again, stews are very hard to screw up. You have plenty of time to add some wine// tomato puree etc. and you can make it the day upfront, the day after it tastes even better!

1 lamb shoulder, diced//  2 onions// 2 cloves of garlic// real butter//+ 500 gr Passata// 2 cups of dry white wine//
Coriander// 2 tsp of Curry Powder// Pepper+Salt// 2 tbsp of Tomato Puree// A pinch of Sugar//

Brown the meat in plenty of butter, add garlic and onions. Add white wine and all other ingredients. Leave for at least 1h on Medium heat. You will see when the sauce starts to thicken.

For the Chickpea salad:

Chickpeas// cucumber // Chopped Chili// Mint // Olive Oil// Pepper+ Salt// Crumbled Feta Cheese//

Tortillas on the grill

I can’t take compare this to my Gran’s legendary Lamb Stew, it’s different. But it has the same base 🙂

Enjoy with a glass of :

Chateau La Négly

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