Bangkok// Part I of a Culinary Journey

floating market

Here we are, Bangkok. The city that took our hearts away from the first Green Tea Latte we had upon arrival.
Sure, it’s busy (which is an understatement) but if there is one thing striking about this City… the smell.
You can smell food from the moment you step one foot on Thai soil. And that’s what Bangkok is all about: food.
To give you one example: “Plastic Bag Housewife”. A term that describes housewives in Bangkok. They simply never cook, why would you? Every step you take there’s a food cart, food stall ready to take you away with flavours you’ve never experienced.

I must say, at first I was a bit sceptic. Food carts,street dogs, the odd rat, hot temperatures and raw chicken. The nightmare of any HACCP inspector but it works, and how! 4 days later, ate Delicious food and not a single rumble in the stomach!
Flavours are extraodinary! There is one mystery: how do they get their meat so juicy and tender?

What to do when visiting Bangkok:

  • Bangrak Food Tour
  • Floating Market
  • Eat the real Peking duck in Chinatown
  • Visit Maeklong Train station
  • Feast away on the food carts/stalls!

Check whenspoonmeetspot on Instagram for the best experience of a market one could wish for..( sorry couldn’t upload the video)

Next stop Cambodia!