Let’s go Freekeh!


Bulgur, Freekeh,Quinoa are all these trendy new Super Grains. Yes,they are delcious and no, if you follow a Snickers/ Hamburger/ Sprite diet they won’t make you healthier. ( With this I just express my frustration with the word superfood, ofcourse I love Burgers, Snickers & Sprite!)

Freekeh// Kale// Cucumber// Pomegranate seeds// cucumber// chickpeas// Ground cumin// Salt// Black Pepper// Mint// Coriander// Greek Yoghurt// Olive Oil// Lemon// Garlic

Marinate thinly cut chicken filets in a plastic bag with olive oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic, refrigerate for several hours.
Rinse and cook your freekeh according to package instructions, chop up cucumber and kale and add to freekeh.
Try to dismember half a pomegranate without ruining kitchen and clothes.
Make a yoghurt sauce by chopping up mint, coriander and adding rock salt and black pepper.
This week/month’s revelation are fried chickpeas, Must Try!!
Fry small quantities of chickpeas at a time, this makes sure your frying oil doesn’t cool down too fast.
When fried (about 2 min) roll in a plate of fine salt and ground cumin.
Grill your chicken filets!

The key to a good salad is seasoning! Taste!

Bon Appétit!


– Nigella’s Curry in a Hurry-


Lot’s of things going on, busy at work, trying to keep up with the house chores and I had my first Golfing experience!
Yes my dear Blogger friends you heard it right , you’re reading the words of the next Tiger(ess) Woods… Not 🙂
(I felt it in my muscles the next day which shows in what a fit shape I am)
Don’t misunderstand me, standing in a position that makes your Bum look like Kim Kardashian’s on a very bad day will not turn into my next obsession. But I truly enjoyed it!
Apart from that not much news, I saw a girl with a wrist piercing ?! The weather is still great over here which probably will
mess up all our country’s  weather statistics 🙂 and I think the dog has imaginary bird friends… (he keeps on barking at an empty tree).

So with all this going on (which is not much actually ) I haven’t had the time to Blog as much as I wanted too.
Let’s get back on track with a tiny second experiment,

Nigella Lawson, who doesn’t love her? I saw her “Curry in a Hurry” video and I was sold, she claims it’s doable in 20 minutes.
It took me about 40 minutes because of the chicken thighs and my lack of knowledge on how to dismember them.
But it is a Great recipe! You always have frozen vegetables in the freezer and make sure you always have green curry paste and coconut milk in your pantry for emergency dinner parties.

Here we go:

Heat up some Wok Oil in a pan ( preferably Le Creuset) and add some green onion with the green curry paste, add the chopped chicken thighs and brown lightly. Cover with Coconut milk and add whatever vegetables you have in your fridge. (I used Broad Beans, string beans and carrots) Simmer for 10-15 minutes and serve with a bowl of Rice or Noodles.

Delicious/ Cheap & Healthy!