Legendary Lamb Stew // ChickPea Salad//

Lamb Stew

If you could serve me one dish every day, my grandma’s Lamb Stew would be it. Full delicious flavours, yum!
Although I’ve never been able to make it taste just like she does even with the exact recipe…
Isn’t that the most fascinating thing about cooking?
As I never managed to get the exact same taste, some adjustments were made into a more “oriental” version.
When making a stew, you will need parts of meat that melt in your mouth, meat close to the bone.
In this case cut up the parts of lamb shoulder.
Again, stews are very hard to screw up. You have plenty of time to add some wine// tomato puree etc. and you can make it the day upfront, the day after it tastes even better!

1 lamb shoulder, diced//  2 onions// 2 cloves of garlic// real butter//+ 500 gr Passata// 2 cups of dry white wine//
Coriander// 2 tsp of Curry Powder// Pepper+Salt// 2 tbsp of Tomato Puree// A pinch of Sugar//

Brown the meat in plenty of butter, add garlic and onions. Add white wine and all other ingredients. Leave for at least 1h on Medium heat. You will see when the sauce starts to thicken.

For the Chickpea salad:

Chickpeas// cucumber // Chopped Chili// Mint // Olive Oil// Pepper+ Salt// Crumbled Feta Cheese//

Tortillas on the grill

I can’t take compare this to my Gran’s legendary Lamb Stew, it’s different. But it has the same base 🙂

Enjoy with a glass of :

Chateau La Négly

Château La Négly- La Côte- €8.99 @Crombé




Razor Clams & Château La Négly

Razor Clams

We’re back on track with a new recipe!
Before anyone wonders how the studying is going… An attempt has been made for Choux pastry, as you all know desserts aren’t my cup of tea.

  • I nearly whisked my arm off.
  • Choux Pastry sticks to EVERYTHING, hair, kitchen counters, humans, animals, cuttlery…
  • In absence of a piping bag, a plastic freezing bag was used which exploded after Choux n°3.
  • They tasted like sugary omelets… (not even my words)
  • Will need more practice  but will have to file bankruptcy for excessive egg consumation.

For this week’s Blog post I will just continue with whatever feels less like a failure, food & wine.
Razor Clams with a Sea Fennel Quinoa, crispy and spicy Sweet Potato.

Here’s the Recipe:

Red Shiso leaves// 2 sweet potatoes// 2 cupes of Sea Fennel // 200 gr Quinoa // 1 clove of garlic // 1 cup of homemade Mayo // Pickled Ginger // 1 cup of Coriander-Cilantro// Crushed roasted Almonds // 1/2 cup good quality Olive Oil// 1 chopped Chili// 3 slices of Chorizo // Razor Clams//

Cook the Quinoa according to package instructions, once cooked add a good splash of olive oil and season. Rinse the Sea fennel and steam for 3 minutes, however if you want to add some extra flavour you can also bake them in some real butter. Season!
For the Sweet potato heat up olive oil and add the Chili and Chorizo. Cook for a several minutes, reduce heat if needed. Remove the Chili and Chorizo and fry the Sweet Potatoes in this spicy oil.
Soak the razor clams in salted water and rinse several times, Steam (3min) in a tray with olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of white wine.
For the Mayo: add cilantro-coriander, mayo, garlic and pickled ginger in your food processor and blitz until you become a green sauce. Season.
Feel free to add other vegetables to this dish, in this recipe sweet peas.

Here’s the wine:

A match made in Heaven! Chateau La Négly – La Brise Marine A.O.C La Clape
Created close to the Sea this wine has such a complexity which goes excellent with fish or a tuna tartar. Yet it has the exotic notes to it.
I can’t recommend this wine enough, already one of my favourites!

Château La Négly- La Brise Marine - AOP Languedoc La Clape

Château La Négly- La Brise Marine – AOP Languedoc La Clape €8.99

You all know I like to fiddle with food in an attempt to make it look pretty but I’m well aware that you (I) can’t pull this off everytime or for a larger crowd.
So here’s the two ways to do it:


Razor clams

I forgot to sprinkle the roasted almond over it, for the fine presentation, chop up your sweet potato in brunoise.


razor clams

In this case, cook your sweet potatoes before frying them.Add the clams to the quinoa together with vegetables and herbs.

Bon Appétit my dear readers!