About Red Curry and the new Mortar & Pestle…

Red Curry Paste


We’re back in town! For the travel stories, ok…I skipped writing about Singapore and Indonesia because 1) Singapore doesn’t have the “asian” charm and not really Culinary worth writing a lot about, except it’s pricey and we didn’t spend enough time to discover the “real food” 2) Indonesia was postcard beautiful, so we spent our days on beaches,in the sea and on funny islands.
What I missed the most (together with friends and family of course) was having a proper kitchen!
So here we are, with a Thai recipe. Sure it doesn’t taste exactly like their red curry but it was a fair attempt.
If you’re not interested in having your face covered with splashes of Chili (Auch!) or chunks of Galangal root use a blender or buy ready made curry paste, honestly it tastes great too but nothing beats the pride of  serving a dish made from scratch.

Here we go:

For the red curry paste:

3 red Chili’s (dried if you like it Hot!) // 2 cloves of garlic // 2 shallots// 3 cm of fresh ginger// 3 cm of Galangal// 2 tbsp of Coriander seeds// 1 stalk of lemon grass// 2 tbsp of tomato puree//

For the stew:

8 Chicken thighs// 4 Lime leaves // 1 L of Coconut milk// 1 red bell pepper// Green beans// 3 tomatoes// 3 potatoes// 1 tsp of salt// Chicken stock// 1 shallot // 3 carrots 

For the vegetables, just add whatever you like. No rules except 2 if you use tomato or pepper remove their peel and chop everything into large chunks.Heat up vegetable oil or coconut oil and add chopped shallot and boneless chicken thighs. Add the curry paste and stir until it starts to brown then add coconut + vegetables.
Let it reduce until you have the desired flavor, in this recipe I used 1 L of coconut milk which is a lot but it gives you the freedom of serving it like soup or a bit more reduced (which i prefer, the flavor is more intense)

An excellent recipe when serving a crowd, you can make the paste days in advance and keep in the fridge or in ice cube holders in your freezer.
Serve with multigrain rice and finish off the curry with fresh Coriander.

Thai Red Curry

( Bon Appetit in Thai, if you can read thai and it means something dirty, sorry I used Google translate 😉  )



Multigrain Rice// Mung Bean Sprouts// Pear// Ground Beef…

Mung Bean dish

I have to admit I’m not a rice lover ( Sushi, paella, risotto- yes please!).  Generally, and especially here in our European countries, rice in restaurants is served as “hey, salmon goes with rice, let’s pop some unseasoned Uncle Ben’s on a plate”.
Not that bad if you do add flavour to it, try multigrain rice (add least it gives you some bite) and instead of salt, use soy sauce and sesame oil.
My husband would say -how strange it is to refer to Mathias as “the husband” happy strange though – WHAT IS YOUR OBSESSION WITH KOREAN FOOD?!
Dunno really, I just love it. Lovely ingredients that make spicy,healthy, garlicy and tasty dishes.


// 250 gr multigrain rice// 1/4 cup soy sauce// a good splash of sesame oil// 250gr Mung bean Sprouts// 300gr of pure minced beef// 1 spring onion//
1 chopped pear// hot pepper flakes// 

seasoning sauce:

2 cloves of chopped garlic// 1/4 cup soy sauce// 2 spring onions// 1/2 chopped onion// 1 tsp hot pepper flakes// roasted sesame seeds// 1/4 cup of soybean paste//

Steam mung bean sprouts for 3 minutes, cook rice according to package instructions, mix rice with soy sauce, hot pepper flakes, sesame oil and cooked minced meat.

Mix everything together for the seanoning sauce.

Serve in a big plate and enjoy!


Let’s go Freekeh!


Bulgur, Freekeh,Quinoa are all these trendy new Super Grains. Yes,they are delcious and no, if you follow a Snickers/ Hamburger/ Sprite diet they won’t make you healthier. ( With this I just express my frustration with the word superfood, ofcourse I love Burgers, Snickers & Sprite!)

Freekeh// Kale// Cucumber// Pomegranate seeds// cucumber// chickpeas// Ground cumin// Salt// Black Pepper// Mint// Coriander// Greek Yoghurt// Olive Oil// Lemon// Garlic

Marinate thinly cut chicken filets in a plastic bag with olive oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic, refrigerate for several hours.
Rinse and cook your freekeh according to package instructions, chop up cucumber and kale and add to freekeh.
Try to dismember half a pomegranate without ruining kitchen and clothes.
Make a yoghurt sauce by chopping up mint, coriander and adding rock salt and black pepper.
This week/month’s revelation are fried chickpeas, Must Try!!
Fry small quantities of chickpeas at a time, this makes sure your frying oil doesn’t cool down too fast.
When fried (about 2 min) roll in a plate of fine salt and ground cumin.
Grill your chicken filets!

The key to a good salad is seasoning! Taste!

Bon Appétit!

Happy Colourful Tuesday

Asian salad

This will get your 5 a day fruit/veg in just 1 dish & it’s easy!

Udon noodles// Edamame Beans// Enoki mushrooms// Coriander// Daikon// Cucumber// Carrot// Roasted Sesame seeds//
Cooked Ham// Agave Syrup// Soy Sauce// Spring Onion

Cook Udon noodles for 3 minutes in boiling water, cool down. If  Edamame Beans are still frozen you can steam them for about 12 minutes. Rinse and chop up your vegetables. You need to cut of the lower part of the Enoki mushrooms, for this dish I prefer them raw.( Handle with care, they are fragile)
Cut the ham into cubes, boil for 3 min  1 cup of soy sauce together with a good squeeze of Agave syrup. Pour over the ham and keep warm in your oven.
You can add whatever herbs you want to this dish, mint, coriander, spring onion or other Asian herbs.
Normally you would serve this with a very elegant vinegar, that’s where you are wrong. The harder I try the more I come up with these strange combinations *blushing cheeks*

Sweet Chili sauce// homemade Mayo// lemon or lime juice

Until you become a smooth liquid mayo/vinegar.




Razor Clams & Château La Négly

Razor Clams

We’re back on track with a new recipe!
Before anyone wonders how the studying is going… An attempt has been made for Choux pastry, as you all know desserts aren’t my cup of tea.

  • I nearly whisked my arm off.
  • Choux Pastry sticks to EVERYTHING, hair, kitchen counters, humans, animals, cuttlery…
  • In absence of a piping bag, a plastic freezing bag was used which exploded after Choux n°3.
  • They tasted like sugary omelets… (not even my words)
  • Will need more practice  but will have to file bankruptcy for excessive egg consumation.

For this week’s Blog post I will just continue with whatever feels less like a failure, food & wine.
Razor Clams with a Sea Fennel Quinoa, crispy and spicy Sweet Potato.

Here’s the Recipe:

Red Shiso leaves// 2 sweet potatoes// 2 cupes of Sea Fennel // 200 gr Quinoa // 1 clove of garlic // 1 cup of homemade Mayo // Pickled Ginger // 1 cup of Coriander-Cilantro// Crushed roasted Almonds // 1/2 cup good quality Olive Oil// 1 chopped Chili// 3 slices of Chorizo // Razor Clams//

Cook the Quinoa according to package instructions, once cooked add a good splash of olive oil and season. Rinse the Sea fennel and steam for 3 minutes, however if you want to add some extra flavour you can also bake them in some real butter. Season!
For the Sweet potato heat up olive oil and add the Chili and Chorizo. Cook for a several minutes, reduce heat if needed. Remove the Chili and Chorizo and fry the Sweet Potatoes in this spicy oil.
Soak the razor clams in salted water and rinse several times, Steam (3min) in a tray with olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of white wine.
For the Mayo: add cilantro-coriander, mayo, garlic and pickled ginger in your food processor and blitz until you become a green sauce. Season.
Feel free to add other vegetables to this dish, in this recipe sweet peas.

Here’s the wine:

A match made in Heaven! Chateau La Négly – La Brise Marine A.O.C La Clape
Created close to the Sea this wine has such a complexity which goes excellent with fish or a tuna tartar. Yet it has the exotic notes to it.
I can’t recommend this wine enough, already one of my favourites!

Château La Négly- La Brise Marine - AOP Languedoc La Clape

Château La Négly- La Brise Marine – AOP Languedoc La Clape €8.99

You all know I like to fiddle with food in an attempt to make it look pretty but I’m well aware that you (I) can’t pull this off everytime or for a larger crowd.
So here’s the two ways to do it:


Razor clams

I forgot to sprinkle the roasted almond over it, for the fine presentation, chop up your sweet potato in brunoise.


razor clams

In this case, cook your sweet potatoes before frying them.Add the clams to the quinoa together with vegetables and herbs.

Bon Appétit my dear readers!




Flower Soup, Colourful Salads and my first Cake!

Orang Lentils


Plenty of reasons for a Food Party lately, Mathias & me celebrated our 5 year Anniversary and the Blog is 1 year Old, Hurray!!
As some of you might already know, my dessert skills are as developped as my Ironing skills… but these events called for a festive cake!
So full of good intentions I chose a very easy pre-fab cake mix but there was mixing, egg whisking, rolling out, decorating involved!
It was a cream filled sponge cake covered with almond frosting ,it took me a bit more time to clean the kitchen which was covered in eggs, flour and milk.
Note to self: do not start mixer when not yet in bowl…
We enjoyed it with a delicious glass(es) of Autréau Champagne of 2006, yes dear blogger friends sometimes Champagne has a specific year to it.



I can give you the recipe of Herby Orange lentil salad:
Cook orange lentils according to package instructions, be sure you rinse them several times before. Cool down and add a huge splash of good quality olive oil and season.
This salad is an excellent way to empty your fridge, no culinary boundaries here! For this recipe I added:

Steamed mangetout, Pomegranate, Mint, spring onion, deseeded cucumber, radishes.

For the Parmesan crusted Cod:

Steam cod for 15 minutes and season, Cover with shaved Parmesan and grill in your oven until you see the cheese turn brown, sprinkle with olive oil and chopped Basil.

Ideal for a dinner party with friends so is this starter with no-stress: Soup 🙂



The best soups are often the ones where you mix all leftover vegetables together, in my opinion there is no such thing as a recipe for soup. Just basic rules: cook onions in a little butter, add all desired vegetables, add stock and cook for about 20 minutes.
If you manage to find some dried flowers in your favorite store, add those at the last minute that way your soup becomes an elegant and festive starter!


Bon Appetit dear friends!

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x Marie

– Nigella’s Curry in a Hurry-


Lot’s of things going on, busy at work, trying to keep up with the house chores and I had my first Golfing experience!
Yes my dear Blogger friends you heard it right , you’re reading the words of the next Tiger(ess) Woods… Not 🙂
(I felt it in my muscles the next day which shows in what a fit shape I am)
Don’t misunderstand me, standing in a position that makes your Bum look like Kim Kardashian’s on a very bad day will not turn into my next obsession. But I truly enjoyed it!
Apart from that not much news, I saw a girl with a wrist piercing ?! The weather is still great over here which probably will
mess up all our country’s  weather statistics 🙂 and I think the dog has imaginary bird friends… (he keeps on barking at an empty tree).

So with all this going on (which is not much actually ) I haven’t had the time to Blog as much as I wanted too.
Let’s get back on track with a tiny second experiment,

Nigella Lawson, who doesn’t love her? I saw her “Curry in a Hurry” video and I was sold, she claims it’s doable in 20 minutes.
It took me about 40 minutes because of the chicken thighs and my lack of knowledge on how to dismember them.
But it is a Great recipe! You always have frozen vegetables in the freezer and make sure you always have green curry paste and coconut milk in your pantry for emergency dinner parties.

Here we go:

Heat up some Wok Oil in a pan ( preferably Le Creuset) and add some green onion with the green curry paste, add the chopped chicken thighs and brown lightly. Cover with Coconut milk and add whatever vegetables you have in your fridge. (I used Broad Beans, string beans and carrots) Simmer for 10-15 minutes and serve with a bowl of Rice or Noodles.

Delicious/ Cheap & Healthy!

Tuna filled Cannelloni with Pepper Sauce



Yesterday I saw a truck filled with alive chickens crash into another truck. I’m such a meat lover but for a moment I swore I should cut down on meat (I felt so bad for those poor animals especially because I sometimes hug my chickens, Ssst, don’t tell anyone)  and then I  had a Chicken Teriyake sandwich for lunch…
Cruel, isn’t it? If only meat wouldn’t taste so good I would go vegan/vegetarian in no time.
So today no meat but a dolphin friendly – fished tuna, at least someone got out it alive…

Here we go;

Chop half onion, a clove of fresh garlic and heat it in a pan with olive oil together with yellow & red peppers.
Add a can of chopped tomatoes, a splash of white wine and a tiny bit of Piment d’Espelette and a tsp of Curry powder. Leave on medium heat for half an hour. Blend it and sieve , you don’t have to sieve it if you want to use it as pasta sauce, I must say it is delicious!
Cook your Cannelloni for 12-14 minutes and fill them up with a mix of Tuna, Capers, spring onion,anchovies and olive oil.

You can add some chopped Basil & Olives.

Buon Appetito!



L’As du Falafel



It’s leftover friday, I had about 3/4 of a can of chickpeas left from yesterday’s recipe and we don’t like wasting food, don’t we?!
But I have great memories of L’As du Falafel in Le Marais, Paris. Many years ago I had lunch there and boy how I still remember it vividly, crunchy Falafels with delicious veggies… and apparently it’s the favorite “restaurant” of Lenny Kravitz! Lenny wasn’t invited tonight and I have to admit, no one does it better than they do but it was worth the try.

Here we go:

Finely chop cucumber without the seeds and mix with some greek yoghurt and chopped Cilantro, pepper & Salt.
You could add garlic as in a tzatziki but as I put crushed garlic into the falafels and still need to work tomorrow , I didn’t 🙂
Put chick peas into your food processor together with cumin, crushed garlic, parsley, olive oil (tiny bit!!) and season.
Make little balls and cover them with flour.If it sticks to your hand, add more flour.
I was afraid they were gonna break frying but if you put them in your freezer half an hour before cooking they don’t!
You can eat falafels with almost every vegetable, empty your fridges fellow bloggers 🙂

Enjoy! ( If you ever want to visit L’As du Falafel, remember it’s closed for Shabbat on Saturdays.)