Celeriac Soup – Happy Vegan Monday

An easy monday recipe 🙂

1 Celeriac// 2 potatoes// 1 onion// vegetable stock// soy cream // tarragon // radishes

Peel & chop up one celeriac, put the celeriac cubes into a bowl of cold water with lemon juice. This prevents colouring. Chop up onion and add it to a pan with hot olive oil. Add potato & celeriac and cook for 5 minutes without adding vegetable stock.
Add vegetable stock, cook for 20 minutes.
Add fresh tarragon and blend, soy cream should be added afterwards.
Season well!

Have a good week everyone!




Flower Soup, Colourful Salads and my first Cake!

Orang Lentils


Plenty of reasons for a Food Party lately, Mathias & me celebrated our 5 year Anniversary and the Blog is 1 year Old, Hurray!!
As some of you might already know, my dessert skills are as developped as my Ironing skills… but these events called for a festive cake!
So full of good intentions I chose a very easy pre-fab cake mix but there was mixing, egg whisking, rolling out, decorating involved!
It was a cream filled sponge cake covered with almond frosting ,it took me a bit more time to clean the kitchen which was covered in eggs, flour and milk.
Note to self: do not start mixer when not yet in bowl…
We enjoyed it with a delicious glass(es) of Autréau Champagne of 2006, yes dear blogger friends sometimes Champagne has a specific year to it.



I can give you the recipe of Herby Orange lentil salad:
Cook orange lentils according to package instructions, be sure you rinse them several times before. Cool down and add a huge splash of good quality olive oil and season.
This salad is an excellent way to empty your fridge, no culinary boundaries here! For this recipe I added:

Steamed mangetout, Pomegranate, Mint, spring onion, deseeded cucumber, radishes.

For the Parmesan crusted Cod:

Steam cod for 15 minutes and season, Cover with shaved Parmesan and grill in your oven until you see the cheese turn brown, sprinkle with olive oil and chopped Basil.

Ideal for a dinner party with friends so is this starter with no-stress: Soup 🙂



The best soups are often the ones where you mix all leftover vegetables together, in my opinion there is no such thing as a recipe for soup. Just basic rules: cook onions in a little butter, add all desired vegetables, add stock and cook for about 20 minutes.
If you manage to find some dried flowers in your favorite store, add those at the last minute that way your soup becomes an elegant and festive starter!


Bon Appetit dear friends!

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x Marie

The simplicity of Soup



“Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens and refines the appetite.”
Our dear friend Auguste Escoffier was right, nothing better than a bowl of soup! When I don’t feel like cooking (untrue, when I don’t feel like getting the kitchen into a battle field again) I reach out to the fridge and finally Spoon meets Pot :-).

The great thing about soup is, just add toasted bread some cheese, ham of whatever leftover you have and there is an easy meal. In the Soup case I tend to go with Color pairing instead of food pairing, all greens go well together, reds and so on ;-).
This morning I went to the market in Lille ( yes Darya  –http://tortore.wordpress.com/– I finally went 🙂 ) and it was wonderful, real cheese, shiny vegetables, heaven on a low budget 😉

Here we go:

Heat some olive oil, add 1 chopped onion, 2 chopped Zucchini’s – Courgettes and whatever green vegetable you have left in your fridge.
Add some chicken or vegetable stock, leave to cook. This morning I found fresh Corn Bread on the market. Pretty good.
So heat some olive oil, add the bread to brown, cover with fresh Goat’s cheese, chives and that’s it !




Soupe Bonne Femme (De Luxe)

Dill 3

Nothing easier than a good soup as a starter (when inviting guests) or on a weekday with some bread!

Yesterday I had guests over, they are great so I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. When we were invited at their place they made us Lobster!! (They only reason for that was that she didn’t close the freezer door properly and the lobster had to be eaten… but I couldn’t serve them just potato & leek soup! So I tuned it to a luxury edition 🙂

Here we go:

Cut up 3 leek whites and 3 floury potatoes and rinse well, melt some butter on medium heat and add the leek & potatoes.
Add 1.5 l of chicken stock and leave on medium heat.
When the vegetables are tender, mix everything.
Season to taste, I like to add some heavy cream at the last minute.

Luxury finish:
At the last minute (more second, because the salmon sinks & disappears into the soup if you cut it to big)
add the smoked salmon and some sprigs of fresh Dill.

Very tasteful and it makes us feel like “une bonne femme” 🙂

Bon appetit!