Linguine al Vongole & Colutta’s Pinot Grigio

Linguine al Vongole

We’re back with one of the easiest, fast and most delicious recipe’s!
For the less experienced cooks: this is very hard to mess up. There are just a few basic rules you need to consider.


  • Rinse , rinse , rinse and rinse again. What you can do is stick your knife into the shells, this will open them and make sure all sand is gone.
  • Cook your pasta 2 minutes less than stated on the package, when you add the pasta to the shells they will cook further and we don’t want soggy pasta, do we?!


You see, the list is not that long 😉

1 kg of Vongole// 500 gr dry linguine // 1/2 Chili // Flat leaf parsley// Colutta Pinot Grigio //
200gr Full fat cream // 1tbsp of fish stock powder.

Cook your Pasta according to package instructions -2 min. Rinse your shells several times in cold salty water.
Heat up plenty of olive oil and add your shells, open your delicous Pinot Grigio and always apply basic rule : taste a glass while cooking 🙂  and add a good splash to your shells as well. 
Leave the lid on for 2 minutes, shake and leave to heat until you see that all the shells have opened.
Add the cream and fish stock; shake again and add your pasta.
To finish off, some flat leaf parsley and chopped chili.



This wine goes very well with all shellfish, crisp,fresh and full flavours is just what you need with this dish.
100% Pinot Grigio grapes, not oaked.

No need in saying, available @Crombé





Colutta Pinot Grigio – €12.90


I can’t recommend this dish enough when inviting friends over, it is maybe 10 minutes of concentration but it’s well worth it!!

Buon appetito!!





Spaghetti alla Carbonara & Il Nero Di Casanova 2009

2014-04-16 20.09.57

Invented by the Romans in the 20th Century this dish is easy, utterly delicious, cheap and fast.
Don’t go running to the Supermarket just yet!! Crucial rules need to be respected…

  • Good quality Produce which means no plastic wrapped sliced Bacon, get Pancetta.
  • Forget emptying your fridge by adding leftover vegetables to this dish, this is the Holy Grail of Pasta don’t mess with it.
  • If you don’t make your own pasta ( Pasta maker is on Santa’s list) use dry pasta, Da Cecco and Barilla are some good brands.
  • Pecorino and Parmiggiano are the only two cheeses allowed, don’t even think adding Gruyère or Cheddar.
  • Boil Pasta in a little plenty of water with salt, no oil.
  • If package instructions state Al Dente 7 min, reduce this by 1 minute.
  • Choose a matching wine (of course) simple food asks for simple wine, suggestions follow.
  • Bake Pancetta in oil until they turn crispy, you don’t want soggy lumps in your pasta.
  • Fresh eggs, no cream, eggs are the real deal.
  • Coarse Black Pepper.

The ground rules taken into account ( excuse me if it sounds very strict 🙂 …) there is no reason why you can’t serve this at a Dinner Party, add a bowl of Rocket salad with roasted Pine nuts and some Cherry Tomatos + Bread + Olive Oil + extra grated Cheese on the table.

Here’s the Recipe:

500 gr dry Pasta// 4 eggs // 200 gr Pancetta // 150 gr grated Parmiggiano or Pecorino + extra on the table// Ground Black Pepper// Olive oil.

Cook pasta according to package instructions. Heat up a non-stick pan with olive oil, add the Pancetta (you choose whether you like it thin or chunky cut) bake the Pancetta until crispy. Beat up the eggs and mix them with the grated cheese. When pasta is cooked, add the egg/cheese mixture with the crispy Pancetta together. Off the heat, you don’t want the eggs turning into scrambled eggs. Top it off with some coarsly ground black pepper.

Here’s the wine:

Excellent with Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Toscana Sangiovese – La Spinetta- Il Nero di Casanova 2009 €12.95


Dominique @Crombewines suggested two wines, both delicious I must admit. For once Mathias & me were on the same line, Il Nero di Casanova was the winner. Dark fruit, lightly smoky flavour went superbly with the hearty cheese and salty Pancetta.
You can find the other wine in our new Crombé Page.

Bon Appétit my dear readers!



*** A Big Thanks to Dimitri: Agent Orange who introduced me to Crombé, made their fabolous website and made When Spoon Meets Pot’s Logo 🙂

I’ll stop now or I’ll sound like and advertising Blog 😉 But they’re all worth checking out!!



Ragù / Bolognaise Saus


Voor de Vlaming (geen idee hoe het zit met onze Waalse vrienden) is Spaghetti Bolognaise een klassieker geworden in onze keuken.
Ik leerde de Ragù versie van een echte italiaan tijdens de studententijd maken. Intussen heb ik “La Mamma’s” versie getuned naar mijn goesting.
Met alle respect maar het potje Bolognaisesaus of kruiden komt hier het huis niet binnen…
Eventjes op de tanden bijten en een goeie lomp gehakt en groenten halen en de klus is binnen 2 uurtjes geklaard. ( waarschijnelijk een eeuwigheid voor de niet kooklustigen) maar daarna gewoon verdelen in potjes en in de diepvries.
In mijn recept zitten misschien meer groentjes dan het hoort maar het zorgt voor extra zoetigheid.

Voor de saus:

1kg Varkens/ kalfsgehakt
500gr Passata / gezeefde tomaten
1 stengel prei
2 stengels selder
2 ajuinen
3 wortelen
1 tl ketchup
1 tl Currypoeder
1 tl Oregano
1 tas Witte wijn

* Oppassen met het zout lieve kookvrienden, meestal zit er al heel veel zout in het gehakt!

Stoof de fijngesneden groenten aan in olijfolie, haal deze uit de pan ( een Creuset Pot is hiervoor perfect!) en bak het gehakt.
Eenmaal het gehakt is gebakken voeg de groentjes toe samen met de Passata, witte wijn en kruiden.
Laat gerust 30-45 min sudderen tot je ziet dat de saus iets steviger is geworden.
Voeg pas op het laatste moment de ketchup toe.
Net zoals andere stoofpotjes is ook dit altijd nog smaakvoller de dag erna!

Serveer met lekker Grana Padano of Parmesan en Verse Basilicum 🙂


-A Pizza Party-


Holidays are in sight, only 3 weeks to go!! Sorry dear Blog & visitor friends I haven’t posted, commented and read as much as I wanted to lately. I got a new job task which absorbs all of my leftover Blog time…
Holidays will mainly exist of painting window frames and cooking for friends – since I started the Blog I tend to get spontaneous dinner invite demands 🙂 . But I’m certainly not complaining, there is nothing better than cooking for people you love.
So a new chapter arises, while Mathias has to wait endlessly for his food ( assembling the plate, taking the perfect picture,…) I cannot put multiple friends through this same hassle.
So… Simple plate presentations are coming up!

This Pizza Party idea is ideal when receiving guests, make a plate of vegetables marinated in garlic & olive oil, cheeses,
anchovies, Basil, tomatoes, Figs, whatever you can use as a topping on a pizza. (which is almost everything).
I am a Pizza dough virgin so I am getting my worktop and muscles ready for this task.
Seen that Americans eat approximately 100 acres of Pizza per day which is 350 slices per second I better not waste any time!

Cominciamo or Here we Go:

For the pizza dough
375 gr or 13.28 oz. of 00 Flour
8gr or 0.28 oz. if dry yeast
2 tbsp of Olive Oil
1 tsp of Salt
200 ml or 1/2 cup of tepid water

Solve the yeast in the water and mix through the flour together with the other ingredients. Start and don’t stop kneading! Leave in a warm place and leave to rise for 1 H.
Cover your Pizza’s with Passata and dried Oregano and Serve with a plate of toppings. Let your guests do the work and all you have to do is put the Pizza’s in the oven and enjoy a glass of wine & the company of your friends 🙂

Doesn’t that sound like fun!



Truffle Polenta Burger with Smoked Duck & Poached egg



On Saturday I went to the Pop-up store of Wout Bru( a famous Chef over here) where I bought truffle Polenta.  Have to admit that I am bit disappointed by the lack of truffle flavor…
Duck and Oranges are a match made in heaven 🙂 I had a little try out by cooking shallots together with Orange Blossom water & fresh oranges. It turned out pretty ok with a very subtle taste of orange.
It was again a pretty straightforward dish, just how we like it 🙂

Here we go:

Chop up finely Smoked Duck filet. Cook Polenta, be aware you need to stir constantly! For about 15 minutes.
Let it cool down in a flat oven dish, not to thick (about 0.5 cm) when it cools down it changes consistency.
Chop up 2 shallots, heat on low heat together with 1 sliced orange and a splash of Orange Blossom Water (don’t overdo it, it has a very strong flavor)
Poach an egg, add some Salad



Tuna filled Cannelloni with Pepper Sauce



Yesterday I saw a truck filled with alive chickens crash into another truck. I’m such a meat lover but for a moment I swore I should cut down on meat (I felt so bad for those poor animals especially because I sometimes hug my chickens, Ssst, don’t tell anyone)  and then I  had a Chicken Teriyake sandwich for lunch…
Cruel, isn’t it? If only meat wouldn’t taste so good I would go vegan/vegetarian in no time.
So today no meat but a dolphin friendly – fished tuna, at least someone got out it alive…

Here we go;

Chop half onion, a clove of fresh garlic and heat it in a pan with olive oil together with yellow & red peppers.
Add a can of chopped tomatoes, a splash of white wine and a tiny bit of Piment d’Espelette and a tsp of Curry powder. Leave on medium heat for half an hour. Blend it and sieve , you don’t have to sieve it if you want to use it as pasta sauce, I must say it is delicious!
Cook your Cannelloni for 12-14 minutes and fill them up with a mix of Tuna, Capers, spring onion,anchovies and olive oil.

You can add some chopped Basil & Olives.

Buon Appetito!



Herby Risotto with Clams

clam  2

Delicious but the annoying thing about making Risotto is that you have to be around, not like a stew where you just leave it for a couple of hours.
For the Risotto, you can use almost every vegetable left in your fridge! ( Broccoli, peas,beans,carrots, asparagus,…)

Today was my day off from work so I had some time, apart from cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and so on (hate the domestic duties sometimes 😉  )

Here we go:

*Heat up about some vegetable stock (about 1.5l)

*Mix into a food processor , watercress, a squeeze of lemon,chives good quality olive oil, pepper & salt until you    become a smooth herby oil.

For the Risotto, heat up some olive oil in a non-stick pan, add 1/2 chopped onion . Add Risotto (75g or 2.65 oz. pp) until it looks glazy. Add white wine ( Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc leftovers are for the Cook 😉 ) I added peas for this one.
Once the rice absorbed the wine, add vegetable stock, stir, add some more stock (for about 20 minutes)

In the meantime, add olive oil to a pot, add the rest of the chopped onion, 1 carrot, 1 celery stack (Brunoise style) cook for a couple of minutes then add the thoroughly rinsed Clams  (2pp)with one glass of white wine, close the lid and leave until you see that the clams are wide open.

You can add the juice of the Clams and vegetables to your Risotto before serving! Drizzle the herb oil over the Risotto, you cans also add some Parmesan Cheese.