Linguine al Vongole & Colutta’s Pinot Grigio

Linguine al Vongole

We’re back with one of the easiest, fast and most delicious recipe’s!
For the less experienced cooks: this is very hard to mess up. There are just a few basic rules you need to consider.


  • Rinse , rinse , rinse and rinse again. What you can do is stick your knife into the shells, this will open them and make sure all sand is gone.
  • Cook your pasta 2 minutes less than stated on the package, when you add the pasta to the shells they will cook further and we don’t want soggy pasta, do we?!


You see, the list is not that long 😉

1 kg of Vongole// 500 gr dry linguine // 1/2 Chili // Flat leaf parsley// Colutta Pinot Grigio //
200gr Full fat cream // 1tbsp of fish stock powder.

Cook your Pasta according to package instructions -2 min. Rinse your shells several times in cold salty water.
Heat up plenty of olive oil and add your shells, open your delicous Pinot Grigio and always apply basic rule : taste a glass while cooking 🙂  and add a good splash to your shells as well. 
Leave the lid on for 2 minutes, shake and leave to heat until you see that all the shells have opened.
Add the cream and fish stock; shake again and add your pasta.
To finish off, some flat leaf parsley and chopped chili.



This wine goes very well with all shellfish, crisp,fresh and full flavours is just what you need with this dish.
100% Pinot Grigio grapes, not oaked.

No need in saying, available @Crombé





Colutta Pinot Grigio – €12.90


I can’t recommend this dish enough when inviting friends over, it is maybe 10 minutes of concentration but it’s well worth it!!

Buon appetito!!





Sushi// The World Cup// Grüner Veltliner


Yes, I have gone Bonkers… Last tuesday was our National Team’s first game in the World Cup Football.
They won !! Mathias (the anti-football-christ) was startled by my passion for the game. I had to express my ecstatic joy with someone. Only Buddy (the dog) left, I can tell you the poor fellow now spontaneously goes into hiding-mode when whistles blow and green colours appear on the tv screen.

What I mean is, there is no point spending time in your kitchen when more exciting things are going on in Sunny Brasil. There is simply no dish (trust me, I did some research) which doesn’t include heating up, messing around with sauces and risking messy stains on your sofa expect Sushi/Maki.
Prepare everything upfront and stock everything in your fridge.

As I try to keep my elegance while screaming, cursing and frowning let’s sip some wine instead of Beer, I am a woman after all ;-).
You must all think, wine?! Sake is THE drink with sushi, yes you’re right but try this Grûner Veltliner wine for a more European twist! It’s definately worth it.
This Austrian white wine is cultivated on sandy and gravel soils which makes it unique, fine, elegant and fruity. Most importantly some freshness that goes perfectly with the fatty, salty flavours of Maki and California rolls.

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 2013

FRAUENWEINGARTEN Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 2013


For the Maki & California Rolls:

A note of confidence to everyone: IT IS NOT AS HARD AS IT LOOKS!! Yes you might have sushi rice stuck to everything but just keep a bowl of hot water aside to remove the rice from your fingers.

Avocado// deseeded cucumber// FRESH salmon (don’t even think buying your fish in the supermarket) //FRESH tuna// wagame // pickled ginger// wasabi// Nori leaves//sesame seeds//Rice Vinegar// Sugar

You can buy a Sushi Kit if you make this for the first time, cook the sushi rice according to package instructions but keep an eye on the rice, stir from time to time.
Keep in mind that the rice needs to be stone cold before rolling sushi. Chop up the avocado, cucumber and fish in long, fine pieces. If you try this for the first time, Maki ( rice rolled in seaweed) is perfect.

I taught our friends at Sophie’s Bachelorette Weekend how to make it and they were all surprised how easy this is!!


No fear & GOOOOO BELGIUM!!! Sorry I really can’t help it.



Razor Clams & Château La Négly

Razor Clams

We’re back on track with a new recipe!
Before anyone wonders how the studying is going… An attempt has been made for Choux pastry, as you all know desserts aren’t my cup of tea.

  • I nearly whisked my arm off.
  • Choux Pastry sticks to EVERYTHING, hair, kitchen counters, humans, animals, cuttlery…
  • In absence of a piping bag, a plastic freezing bag was used which exploded after Choux n°3.
  • They tasted like sugary omelets… (not even my words)
  • Will need more practice  but will have to file bankruptcy for excessive egg consumation.

For this week’s Blog post I will just continue with whatever feels less like a failure, food & wine.
Razor Clams with a Sea Fennel Quinoa, crispy and spicy Sweet Potato.

Here’s the Recipe:

Red Shiso leaves// 2 sweet potatoes// 2 cupes of Sea Fennel // 200 gr Quinoa // 1 clove of garlic // 1 cup of homemade Mayo // Pickled Ginger // 1 cup of Coriander-Cilantro// Crushed roasted Almonds // 1/2 cup good quality Olive Oil// 1 chopped Chili// 3 slices of Chorizo // Razor Clams//

Cook the Quinoa according to package instructions, once cooked add a good splash of olive oil and season. Rinse the Sea fennel and steam for 3 minutes, however if you want to add some extra flavour you can also bake them in some real butter. Season!
For the Sweet potato heat up olive oil and add the Chili and Chorizo. Cook for a several minutes, reduce heat if needed. Remove the Chili and Chorizo and fry the Sweet Potatoes in this spicy oil.
Soak the razor clams in salted water and rinse several times, Steam (3min) in a tray with olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of white wine.
For the Mayo: add cilantro-coriander, mayo, garlic and pickled ginger in your food processor and blitz until you become a green sauce. Season.
Feel free to add other vegetables to this dish, in this recipe sweet peas.

Here’s the wine:

A match made in Heaven! Chateau La Négly – La Brise Marine A.O.C La Clape
Created close to the Sea this wine has such a complexity which goes excellent with fish or a tuna tartar. Yet it has the exotic notes to it.
I can’t recommend this wine enough, already one of my favourites!

Château La Négly- La Brise Marine - AOP Languedoc La Clape

Château La Négly- La Brise Marine – AOP Languedoc La Clape €8.99

You all know I like to fiddle with food in an attempt to make it look pretty but I’m well aware that you (I) can’t pull this off everytime or for a larger crowd.
So here’s the two ways to do it:


Razor clams

I forgot to sprinkle the roasted almond over it, for the fine presentation, chop up your sweet potato in brunoise.


razor clams

In this case, cook your sweet potatoes before frying them.Add the clams to the quinoa together with vegetables and herbs.

Bon Appétit my dear readers!




Flower Soup, Colourful Salads and my first Cake!

Orang Lentils


Plenty of reasons for a Food Party lately, Mathias & me celebrated our 5 year Anniversary and the Blog is 1 year Old, Hurray!!
As some of you might already know, my dessert skills are as developped as my Ironing skills… but these events called for a festive cake!
So full of good intentions I chose a very easy pre-fab cake mix but there was mixing, egg whisking, rolling out, decorating involved!
It was a cream filled sponge cake covered with almond frosting ,it took me a bit more time to clean the kitchen which was covered in eggs, flour and milk.
Note to self: do not start mixer when not yet in bowl…
We enjoyed it with a delicious glass(es) of Autréau Champagne of 2006, yes dear blogger friends sometimes Champagne has a specific year to it.



I can give you the recipe of Herby Orange lentil salad:
Cook orange lentils according to package instructions, be sure you rinse them several times before. Cool down and add a huge splash of good quality olive oil and season.
This salad is an excellent way to empty your fridge, no culinary boundaries here! For this recipe I added:

Steamed mangetout, Pomegranate, Mint, spring onion, deseeded cucumber, radishes.

For the Parmesan crusted Cod:

Steam cod for 15 minutes and season, Cover with shaved Parmesan and grill in your oven until you see the cheese turn brown, sprinkle with olive oil and chopped Basil.

Ideal for a dinner party with friends so is this starter with no-stress: Soup 🙂



The best soups are often the ones where you mix all leftover vegetables together, in my opinion there is no such thing as a recipe for soup. Just basic rules: cook onions in a little butter, add all desired vegetables, add stock and cook for about 20 minutes.
If you manage to find some dried flowers in your favorite store, add those at the last minute that way your soup becomes an elegant and festive starter!


Bon Appetit dear friends!

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x Marie

-Squid with Garden Vegetables-


We’re back on track, holidays are over and the daily routine has found its way back.
Which means forgetting laundry in the washing machine, struggling to find matching socks, cooking strange
leftover dishes and wisely not putting them on the Blog 😉 .
Tuesday today, so my day off from work and a new recipe for you. Very simple and healthy steamed vegetables
with Saffron mashed potatoes and Squid rings.

It doesn’t take long at all, I combined this dish with mashed potatoes but Pasta would work perfectly as well.

Here we go:

Steam whatever garden vegetables you can find, in this recipe I used Romanesco Cabbage, Carrots, Sugar Snaps
and frozen peas. ( + Zucchini slices)
Fry the Squid rings into a very hot pan with olive oil and crushed garlic. Add some Maldon Salt and Coarse Black Pepper.
Soak Saffron threads into a tiny bit of water, in the meantime cook potatoes. Once the potatoes are cooked, mash them adding milk, butter, 1 egg yolk, the saffron threads, pepper and salt.

On the side make a Vinaigrette with Olive oil, lime & lemon to pour over the squid and vegetables.

Voilà! Easy again 🙂

– Tomates Crevettes-



Most of you probably aren’t familiar with these North Sea Shrimps. These shrimps are about 1/5 inch and cooked straight on the fishing boat.
They’re such a delicacy and best when you peel them yourself ( sit yourself down comfortably because it does take some time…)
The magical combination with tomatoes, hand cut fries and a big spoon of Mayo makes of this our Country’s Pride 🙂
Here’s the “Elegant” version, just because I had the time 😉

Here we go:

Cut potatoes in equal slices, steam for 7 minutes. cover them with breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown.
Peel the shrimps and keep the “carcasses” , cook the carcasses with white wine, garlic , tomato puree on low heat for about 1 hour. Make a Jelly by adding Agar Agar to the sieved juice and cool  down.
This dish is best served with salad (I used Watercress) and some home made Mayo with Chopped fresh Herbs.



-Everybody Loves Raymond…Blanc –



Raymond Blanc/ let’s admit it, he is a bit scary sometimes ( his giggle makes me want to hide…)  but what a genius the man is! He can talk about food, cook and you just want to smell, taste, grab whatever he is making.
That’s what happened when I saw his show Kitchen Secrets. Explaining all different recipes by poaching ingredients.
One of them is this Poached Salmon Ballotine with Dill, you know these kind of recipes that you see on tv,  it all seems so easy and if you make it you end up like Bridget Jones’ Blue Ribbon Soup?!
Well this is NOT one of them, it looks easy and it actually is… A good investment is a food thermometer especially when poaching because you have no clue  what’s happening on the inside.
My salmon was a bit thicker than Raymond’s but 12 minutes was perfect! Juicy & tasty salmon :-).
On the side I made a thick whipped cream with Wasabi, lemon juice and Rock Salt & Pepper and thinly sliced Cucumber.

Who else explains it better than The Man himself:

Here we go:

Salmon Ballotine with Dill.

Bon appetit!


-Fishcakes with a Gherkin, Caper & Fresh Herb Dip-



I saw Nigel Slater making fishcakes a couple of days ago. He makes it look so easy, and it actually is!
After fishing the fish out of the freezer ( Mathias went to the seaside last weekend and bought a Bag – yes a Huge Bag- of fresh Plaice . And as we’re on “emptying the freezer” tour so I had to use it. Maybe it’s a culinary No-go to use this fish for fishcakes?
The Sour cream dip is based on a recipe called “Tartare” which is mayo or in this case Sour cream mixed with fresh herbs, chopped Capers, Gherkins and Scallions/ Spring Onions. It goes really well with the fishcakes.

Excellent with a glass of Chilled Chardonnay 🙂

Here we go:

For the fishcakes:

Cook your fish in the oven with slices of lemon and crushed garlic. In the meantime boil potatoes. Mash up the potatoes and the shredded cooked fish. Add a splash of olive oil, 1 egg Yolk, salt & pepper.
Make little balls of this mixture, flatten and roll in flour. Heat up olive oil in a non-stick pan and 1 great advice from Nigel Slater is; don’t move the fishcakes, they won’t brown otherwise. It takes about 2 minutes on each side.

For the Tartare:

Chop up very finely ; Gherkins, Scallions, Tarragon, chives, Capers and mix together with the Sour Cream. Add Salt & Pepper.

I added some Sun dried tomatoes and olives as well 🙂




Squid & Confit de Citron



I’m back! Last weekend we went for a little Road Trip in France ( Bourgogne to be precise, heaven for a Red-wine lover)
But like a true foodie the only thing I thought about was food 🙂 God, I missed my kitchen!!
Today I decided to pay a little visit to Byttebier , a great store for design, cooking appliances in short a death trap,… Lieve  is actually the owner of the store (which I nominated 🙂 ) and it was the first time I met her, and it was a true pleasure to talk about food with a fellow blogger! ( if only you all wouldn’t live that far 😉 )
Stacked up with numerous new plates,cooking things and an empty wallet…

Here we go:

Make a “confit de citron” by covering 1 sliced lemon with water and 2 tbsp of sugar, simmer for about 1 hour. Remove the water and Mix in a blender, add some olive oil.
Slice Zucchini and grill, I didn’t have time to soak chickpeas overnight so I used canned chickpeas. Marinate them in some olive oil, pepper & salt.
Score Baby Squid and add them to a non-stick pan on very high heat for a couple of minutes. Add Cilantro/ Coriander and Cherry tomatoes.

Easy again 🙂

Welcome to Fiji – Kokoda


I have to be honest, I don’t know Anything about Fiji, here’s a 1 sentence recap.
A Republic consisting of several islands, sand, beaches, gorgeous sea and Rugby is the most popular sport ( weird, no?)
Kokoda seems to be a traditional and popular dish and it is Delicious!! Be aware, planning is required because you need to marinate the fish about 8 hours. On my way to be an organised cook ( not really 🙂 )
Use a white firm fish , the locals use Mahi Mahi ( a greenish fish that looks like it just hit a wall ) but Mr/Mrs Mahi Mahi doesn’t come near our North Sea …

Here we go:

Cut up the fish and marinate in the juice of 4 limes & salt for about 8 hours (use a glass bowl ! No metal bowls because of the acidity) so strange that this marinade actually “cooks” the fish. The texture is very different to raw fish.
Slice a tomato, cut up a cucumber without the seeds, make a herby oil – blend cilantro,oil, salt & pepper and cut up some red Chilli.
And my investment of the month is … An Espuma Bottle ( it comes pretty cheap, about €40/ $ 30 ) whatever you do, shake it and it looks fancy 🙂
Pour Coconut milk into the bottle and it makes it into a gorgeous frothy foam, I thought pure coconut milk lacked some sweetness.

So easy, you don’t need tonnes of ingredients and it looks & tastes great! I’m starting to like this world tour!!