Sweet Chilli Marinated Chicken, Sweet Potato Chips & Mango & Cucumber Brunoise



Our version of Masterchef is on tv right now ( the final!! ) If the laptop wouldn’t be on my lap I wouldn’t manage to sit still… Although the program is literally translated as ” Hobby Chef” this level is just ridiculously high.
For a moment it crossed my mind to participate but I am so extremely happy I didn’t, seen the level and stress these cooks have to go through ( and being coached by two quite handsome and very famous chefs would make me run around like a headless chicken 😉 ) I would love to be at that level, but I’m not , yet 🙂
So I spent this afternoon in my kitchen while trying new recipes!
If I grill chicken I always marinate it ,  it makes it very hard to dry out and with the Sweet Chilli ( + olive oil, garlic  & lemon marinade ) the chicken is packed with flavor.

Here we go:

Marinate your chicken for several hours (the longer the better) in olive oil, sweet chilli sauce, chopped up garlic and a squeeze of lemon . Grill it for a couple of minutes on each side.
Chop up in Brunoise; Mango & cucumber, add some chopped scallion.
Peel a sweet potato and cut into thin slices , heat up sunflower oil and fry. When fried you leave them on kitchen towel to remove the excess oil, add some Sea salt.
Make a herby oil with Cilantro, olive oil and a twist of lemon.

Enjoy! Meanwhile the Chefs are making hot oysters with spinach, Champagne and a cheesy crust… Mouthwatering!