-Colorful Vegetables with a Dill Cream Cheese Dip-



Last Tuesday we went on a Culinary Journey with the Cooking Club *Les Gourmettes* , it starts to seem more like an eating Club than Cooking, considering our latest projects…
This time it led us to J.e.f  a Ghent based restaurant, the Chef is a member of The Flemish Foodies: A group of 3 young admirable Chefs.
It was certainly not your average fine dining restaurant, first of all the whole concept behind J.e.f is Sharing. Each guest receives his own plate and cutlery and food starts to hit the table 🙂
The presentation, originality, taste = Wauuw.
I fell in love with an Appetizer made of Cucumber with a Dill Dip beautifully presented! So today I couldn’t choose which vegetable to take so I made a whole Garden…

Here we go:

Chop up whatever vegetable you can eat raw, I found these gorgeous colored carrots.
For the Dill dip; Blend Cream Cheese with Pepper, Sea Salt, fresh Dill, a tsp of mustard and a squeeze of Honey and Lemon.
Add some fresh herbs to the plate, like Mint, Lemon Verbena, Scallions,…



-Faux Gras Bonbons-


Faux Gras is an alternative vegetarian Foie Gras made by an Animal Rights Group over here in Belgium. Trust me, I am a huge fan of the real deal but an ordinary Saturday isn’t reason enough for such festivities.
Very easy and great as an appetizer and it can be made several hours in advance, just like Foie Gras it is delicious with something sweet, in this recipe Onion/Raspberry Chutney.
Take half a tbsp of Paté and roll between the palms of your hands until you become a little ball, roll in a plate of white and black sesame seeds.
Place on a dot of Chutney , add some chopped Thai Basil.

Bon appetit!!

& The ducks saw that it was good 🙂

*(  Faux Gras contains Palm oil, Tomato Puree, truffle, white wine, …)

-Goat’s Cheese with Chervil, Crispy Serrano & Sweet Meringue-



My first experience with Meringue worked!! Desserts (as some of my fellow Bloggers know) are not my thing, too much exact measurements… But I got a scale covered in dust out of the cupboard and weighed flour, covered the kitchen with egg whites because I didn’t even have an appropriate whisking bowl.
Goat’s Cheese as any cheese needs some Sweetness, whether it’s a Chutney, Honey,Grapes or Meringues? Thinking it’s nice to have something Crunchy with a Salty dish.
We used to go to the South of France on holiday when I was a kid, my standard restaurant order was a Goat Cheese salad, this time it’s not a salad but it does include greens 😉

I hope you will like this one, Here we go (again 🙂 )

Make a Chervil soup, add butter in a pan, Shallots, Chervil, chicken stock and a splash of white wine + Salt & pepper. Blend.
To make this into a Jelly, I used Agar Agar (which sounds sophisticated, it’s not – it’s a vegetarian gelatine) they sell it in 1gr-0.03 oz portions. Add it to the soup and cool down in the fridge.

Heat up the Goat’s cheese under the grill for a couple of minutes.
Meringues- whisk 4 egg whites with 200gr-7 oz. of powdered sugar, put little rounds onto parchment paper. Preheat your oven on 100 degrees-200 Fahrenheit for 1hour. I added some food coloring 😉

Grill slices of Serrano ham in the oven for 10 minutes until they become crispy (on parchment paper)

Add Hazelnuts, Herbes De Provence and Piment d’Espelette to your food processor.

The meringues were ok, but on the bottom I covered them with Salsa di Noci ( delicious Walnut Salsa)



Welcome to Malta – Hobz biz-zejt


It is finally sunny -in what started to look like an Arctic climate- so who wants to spend hours in the kitchen?!
Hobz biz – zejt is a very simple dish that you can imagine eating after a swim on the sunny beaches of Malta…
My garden will have to do  for today 🙂

Here we go:

Grill slices of bread and rub with a clove of garlic, add semi sundried tomatoes  to your blender and mix.
Chop up about 8 anchovy filets and mix with 3 tbsp of Mayo.
Heat up oil and fry parsley (seconds because they burn very quickly). Slice some big capers in two.
Invest in delicious high quality olive oil, this will do the trick!




Salmon & Sour Cream Rolls

Dill 2

After my Soupe Bonne Femme, I was left with enough Dill and Salmon to feed our whole neighborhood.
And someone … (my bf) HATES throwing away food, and I have to admit that (although I love them dearly) feeding chickens smoked salmon is a bit over the top….even for a Sunday.

So, I had tortillas left and some sour cream. Ingredients for a fancy Sunday appetizer, I will give you the recipe for the sour cream dip. Salmon and tortillas depend on how much you want to make. 1 tortilla makes about 5 pieces. Because you have to cut of the 2 edges.

Here we go:

Mix 3 tbsp of Sour cream with fresh Dill, 1 tsp of mustard, 1 tiny tsp of honey, some salt & pepper in a blender.
cover the tortillas with the dip, add smoked salmon and roll. Don’t make them to long in advance or the tortilla will become too soaked with the dip.
Cut into 1 inch (2.54 cm thank you Google) slices.


Sunny Melon & Ganda ham Antipasti

canon 5 031

It is snowing outside but all I can think about is, hot summer days eating and drinking in the sun!
Note : March is NOT a fig season, I almost had to sell one of my organs to pay for them…

But; here we go:

Cut the melon into half moons and use a round shaped cutter to make forms. Cut the figs into halves, add some smoked ham (Ganda is our local ham but Serrano is very similar) . Add some Pecorino shavings and some mint leaves.
You can add some Honey as well if you have a sweet tooth 😉