Linguine al Vongole & Colutta’s Pinot Grigio

Linguine al Vongole

We’re back with one of the easiest, fast and most delicious recipe’s!
For the less experienced cooks: this is very hard to mess up. There are just a few basic rules you need to consider.


  • Rinse , rinse , rinse and rinse again. What you can do is stick your knife into the shells, this will open them and make sure all sand is gone.
  • Cook your pasta 2 minutes less than stated on the package, when you add the pasta to the shells they will cook further and we don’t want soggy pasta, do we?!


You see, the list is not that long 😉

1 kg of Vongole// 500 gr dry linguine // 1/2 Chili // Flat leaf parsley// Colutta Pinot Grigio //
200gr Full fat cream // 1tbsp of fish stock powder.

Cook your Pasta according to package instructions -2 min. Rinse your shells several times in cold salty water.
Heat up plenty of olive oil and add your shells, open your delicous Pinot Grigio and always apply basic rule : taste a glass while cooking 🙂  and add a good splash to your shells as well. 
Leave the lid on for 2 minutes, shake and leave to heat until you see that all the shells have opened.
Add the cream and fish stock; shake again and add your pasta.
To finish off, some flat leaf parsley and chopped chili.



This wine goes very well with all shellfish, crisp,fresh and full flavours is just what you need with this dish.
100% Pinot Grigio grapes, not oaked.

No need in saying, available @Crombé





Colutta Pinot Grigio – €12.90


I can’t recommend this dish enough when inviting friends over, it is maybe 10 minutes of concentration but it’s well worth it!!

Buon appetito!!





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