Foolproof BBQ Sides !

BBQ sides

BBQ sides 3

BBQ sides 2

Cooking for a crowd… In yesterday’s case that would be 10+ mouths to feed, the entire Mathias family/Clan.
Preparation is IT! Even when you walk around glooming with pride thinking how great & prepared you are Murphy’s Law stabs you in the back two hours upon arrival of the troops.

  • You discover that you actually finished the Prosecco.
  • You left the bottles of water at the supermarket or worse on the roof of your car (I hope that’s not going to be the case).
  • Mathias told his parents to come one hour before everyone else was supposed to arrive.

The only thing I could do was send Mathias back to the Supermarket while I wanted to prepare the Appetizers & most importantly prepare myself.
Fail! His parents arrived and there I was, in a wrinkled summer dress with maybe not such perfectly shaven leggs. 🙂 and no appetizers!

Apart from this minor misery, it was a success! When entertaining there is no time to spend hours in the kitchen because there are dogs, children and serving drinks to take care of.
This might be different if you’re not fond of your in-laws 😉
Another great thing about this “formula” is that you’re not stuck to the table for several hours, which tends to cause family-related discussions especially when too much drinks are involved. (Heck, we’ve all been there)

Saturday evening I spent my time steaming vegetable, roasting nuts, cooking lentils and Quinoa. The only thing you must keep in mind is that you can’t add olive oil and fresh herbs until you are ready to serve.

Here are some of my recipes:

  • Quinoa// chopped cucumber// chopped Dill// crumbled Feta cheese// Olive oil// Season.
  • Cherry tomatoes// chopped Basil// Olive Oil// Season.
  • Steamed Broccoli// roasted Almonds// fresh raspberries// Olive oil //Season.
  • Steamed String Beans// lemon zeste// Asparagus sprouts// Olive Oil// Season.
  • Cooked Orange lentils // Coriander// Radishes// cooked & mashed eggs// Olive oil// Season.
  • Rocket // roasted Pine Nuts// Olive Oil// Season


  • Sweet Chili Sauce// homemade Mayo// a splash of lemon juice
  • Full fat yoghurt// chopped & deseeded cucumber// Za’atar// salt // a splash of lemon juice.

Mathias was a star at the Meat section and plates were empty!






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