Think twice before buying a Watermelon

Watermelon Cocktail

Ecstatic I was to find a Watermelon the size of a football at € 1.67 in our local Supermarket last Sunday. I seemed to be the only one who discovered this bargain treasure. Not much longer at the Cash register truth came out, the lady weighed the melon ( no need to say that value for money was my motto so I spent some time making sure I had the biggest one available…) this resulted in +10€ worth of Melon and I got tired of it after 2 slices. Do you have that too? Some foods you literally cannot eat much of? So the melon has been sitting in our fridge for a couple of days now and I need to do something before the – don’t waste food- lecture comes up again.

So, Cocktails mes amies!

vodka// watermelon // apple // orange blossom water//

You need a juice extractor for this, throw in sliced watermelon together with 1 apple and finish off with a TINY splash of Orange Blossom Water & Vodka.

And the worst thing is… I still have half a watermelon left!


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