Spaghetti alla Carbonara & Il Nero Di Casanova 2009

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Invented by the Romans in the 20th Century this dish is easy, utterly delicious, cheap and fast.
Don’t go running to the Supermarket just yet!! Crucial rules need to be respected…

  • Good quality Produce which means no plastic wrapped sliced Bacon, get Pancetta.
  • Forget emptying your fridge by adding leftover vegetables to this dish, this is the Holy Grail of Pasta don’t mess with it.
  • If you don’t make your own pasta ( Pasta maker is on Santa’s list) use dry pasta, Da Cecco and Barilla are some good brands.
  • Pecorino and Parmiggiano are the only two cheeses allowed, don’t even think adding Gruyère or Cheddar.
  • Boil Pasta in a little plenty of water with salt, no oil.
  • If package instructions state Al Dente 7 min, reduce this by 1 minute.
  • Choose a matching wine (of course) simple food asks for simple wine, suggestions follow.
  • Bake Pancetta in oil until they turn crispy, you don’t want soggy lumps in your pasta.
  • Fresh eggs, no cream, eggs are the real deal.
  • Coarse Black Pepper.

The ground rules taken into account ( excuse me if it sounds very strict 🙂 …) there is no reason why you can’t serve this at a Dinner Party, add a bowl of Rocket salad with roasted Pine nuts and some Cherry Tomatos + Bread + Olive Oil + extra grated Cheese on the table.

Here’s the Recipe:

500 gr dry Pasta// 4 eggs // 200 gr Pancetta // 150 gr grated Parmiggiano or Pecorino + extra on the table// Ground Black Pepper// Olive oil.

Cook pasta according to package instructions. Heat up a non-stick pan with olive oil, add the Pancetta (you choose whether you like it thin or chunky cut) bake the Pancetta until crispy. Beat up the eggs and mix them with the grated cheese. When pasta is cooked, add the egg/cheese mixture with the crispy Pancetta together. Off the heat, you don’t want the eggs turning into scrambled eggs. Top it off with some coarsly ground black pepper.

Here’s the wine:

Excellent with Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Toscana Sangiovese – La Spinetta- Il Nero di Casanova 2009 €12.95


Dominique @Crombewines suggested two wines, both delicious I must admit. For once Mathias & me were on the same line, Il Nero di Casanova was the winner. Dark fruit, lightly smoky flavour went superbly with the hearty cheese and salty Pancetta.
You can find the other wine in our new Crombé Page.

Bon Appétit my dear readers!



*** A Big Thanks to Dimitri: Agent Orange who introduced me to Crombé, made their fabolous website and made When Spoon Meets Pot’s Logo 🙂

I’ll stop now or I’ll sound like and advertising Blog 😉 But they’re all worth checking out!!




5 thoughts on “Spaghetti alla Carbonara & Il Nero Di Casanova 2009

  1. Thank you for this post. It is nice to hear someone actually say there are definite strict guidelines for carbonara. Yes, we all tweak it here and there which is fine, but let’s quit calling it carbonara…right! 🙂 I’m guilty of it myself…but there really isn’t anything better than a true carbonara. Very attractive logo.

  2. Dear Marie, yesss! this is the real stuff, finally someone who knows what she’s talking about. No fresh ‘baby’ pasta, no gruyère, cream and horrible chunks of soaked bacon. I really love your pure way of treating this special pasta recipe, which is so simple but at the same time so sophisticated and so difficult to find in it’s pure form; it’s all about harmony between a few good basic ingredients. You got it Marie, you got the style, babe! 🙂 And that wine looks so delicious…

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