“Hutsepot” new style.




Obama visited our tiny country, I got to meet up with my best friend finally, Buddy now sleeps upstairs, Mathias cooked and we had our first Bbq. Just a few things that went on lately. No misunderstanding, the monster which is our huge dog does not sleep on the bed (Good Lord, the hair is one thing let alone choking under his 50kg-110lbs weight).
And then there is Hutsepot, a classic dish in our climate disturbed country. My grandma makes the Best Hutsepot but let’s admit it … it looks like Baby’s vomit ( Not only my Gran’s, it just generally does…) as I’m starting to be Neurotic about presentationso I had to do something with it. Some friends asked me if I mind presentation while not-blogging, I don’t. I tend to apply the technique : when spoon meets plate in an effective manner :-).
This dish is made with the same ingredients as a true Hutsepot would be.  The Vitelotte potatoes are a delicacy and so is the price…don’t overdo them 😉

Here we go:

Steam a Savoy cabbage for 3 minutes and season.

Heat up your grill and add a thick slice of non-smoked Bacon.

Cook Celery root, mash, season, add cream and a pinch of Nutmeg.

Cook carrots, mash, add olive oil, season and some five spice.

Cook Vitelotte potatoes, mash, season.

Finish off with some steamed Brussels sprouts leaves and chopped ramps.
Do feel free to add a good spoon of Mustard and roll up like a Fajita, I can tell you… the flavours, Yum!!


A promise is a promise, the matching wine will follow 🙂


See you at the next Culinary adventure!


x Marie




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