Facing the Storm.



Let’s have a break from Studying and do what we like best…Cooking.
Winter isn’t what it used to be( I start to sound like my grandma) , instead of snow we have mild temperatures and a LOT of wind and rain.
I had to work at the Seaside and during my lunch break I was literally the only fool who went out. In Oostend you can get fresh fish from  where the ships come in. Almost on hands and feet I arrived ( because I couldn’t see through my glasses) only to discover that …everyone was gone. So I went to the fishmongers and received odd looks, it might have been my hair which started to look like a bird’s nest or the fact that I was walking around in the eye of the storm (I only discovered that later on 🙂 ).
Happy as a child with my fresh Crab legs, shells and fresh fish I continued work. Finished off and rushed home to start my new recipe and ofcourse I forgot my treasured fish at work.
I finally got to it and here it is:

Tiny clams with Thai flavoured Quinoa and Lime/Avocado cream:

Rinse the clams numerous times and cook them in a high pot with olive oil, chopped shallots and a splash of white wine.
Cover your pot, shake a few times and the clams are done when all are open.

Cook Quinoa according to package instructions and add chopped mint+cinlantro/coriander. Season well and add a good splash of olive oil. Good quality Bien sûr 🙂

For the Avocado cream, blend 2 avocado’s with the juice of 1 lime.


Voilà, very simple if you’re not facing a storm or have the memory of fish…

Bon Appetit!




2 thoughts on “Facing the Storm.

  1. I was so happy to see a post from you today Marie. I always love visiting your blog. Your recipes are always clean and straightforward and as you know I always comment on your fabulous plating! Buddy is gorgeous!

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