Introducing the chapter: Cheese, wine and Napoleon

On days like today studying is fun. I’m starting to wonder when I started to loose my Brain Cells (No comment please, I did have them at some point in my life).
Do you remember in High School and University where you could learn stacks of study material and recollect that info easily the next day?
Those days are gone my dearest friends, I seem to remember only what I like and seem to have become very impatient.

So here is a new way of studying: Eat & Drink the Study Material!

Pomerol with Pont L'Eveque

Pomerol with Pont L’Eveque

* Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte was responsible for the downfall of Belgian wines?
Le Petit Coporal banned all vineyards out of pure frustration. The belgian wine plants were much higher than the french & italian types and due to his short stature he got lost in those vines on multiple/important occasions…

My apologies for this -not so creative post – I warn you: many more will follow.

See you at the next Chapter!

** The Napoleon Story is only half truth 😉 he simply banned our vineyards but who knows… maybe it was frustration!












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