Mung Bean Salad & Thinking I could cook…



New Year’s resolution: Take up a cooking class!
As I’m working full time and trying to keep our house out of the program “How clean is your house?”
there is not much time left for my favorite thing which is elaborate cooking 🙂
I wisely decided to add another task so I (for once) took my new year’s resolution serious. 
A Belgian website offers a Home-Study course to become a Cook. Online support is available, 1 year is considered reasonable before taking the official government exam.
OMG! Not only is the study material very interesting but also…  I definitely underestimated the course! From all the different types of meat,poultry to sauces and wine pairing, cigars, bookkeeping.
I’m in for a challenge and very motivated to bring this to a success!

We still need to eat, so here is a little something 🙂

Mung bean salad with chopped:

Cilantro, Mint, Dill, Lemon confit, green onion
A good splash of olive oil
Some course pepper & Maldon Salt
Crumbled Feta cheese

* Make sure you rinse your Mung beans several times and steam for about 30 minutes.
** Those little red things are Inca peppers


X Marie


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