A 3* Michelin Take Away, Happy New Year!


You heard it right! De Karmeliet is a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant in Bruges and offered a New Year’s Eve Take-Away menu for a very reasonable price. It would be a culinary dream to dine there but that would mean eating bread and Jam for a couple of weeks so I jumped at the occasion when I discovered this chance.
Of course there is nothing that beats the Magic of sitting at a table in this fabulous restaurant but I was very curious to discover Geert Van Hecke’s  style of cooking.
And surely it didn’t disappoint me… It was Delicious!!!

Booked the menu a couple of weeks in advance, instant reply and yesterday I was gladly driving 1h to pick up my box of heaven.
Everything was very well prepared with very clear instructions, let me take you through it :

1- Foie Gras with the most delicious Cinnamon toast and lacquered eggplant and raisin Chutney.
2- Lobster with a brunoise of apple,bell pepper, mangetout and a Coconut sauce.
3- Young venison with a celeriac puree, salsify and Chicory and a delicious sauce.



Surely you cannot have this kind of meal without some good wine, I visited Crombé wines (they recently opened their new store which is stunning) gave them the menu and they advised us on the matching wines.
Gin Tonic seems to be the IT drink for the moment so I made a special Christmas version with a stick of Rosemary and some dried pink Berries.

Gin tonic

We ended 2013 with a Culinary delight. Thank all you for visiting and commenting on my Blog posts and I wish to see a lot of you in 2014!

Big Kiss,



11 thoughts on “A 3* Michelin Take Away, Happy New Year!

  1. Oh my goodness! This is a dream dinner on New Year’s Eve! What a great opportunity to be able to enjoy such a wonderfully prepared meal, celebrate the new year and not have to worry about driving home. 🙂 Happy New Year, I really like your new look.

  2. Wat leuk! I particularly like the sound of the foie gras with cinnamon toast. We were lucky enough to try foie gras with layered with Pain d’épices at Christmas and it was so wonderful! The venison with celeriac sounds a heavenly match too. 🙂

    Een goede nieuwjaar voor jou. Have a wonderful 2014!

  3. What a terrific idea…Michelin starred food in the comfort of your own home. My husband and I were in Bruges several years ago and it is probably one of my favorite cities in all my travels.

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