Murder in the Chicken Den…



A sad post today…4 out of 5 our beloved Chickens got killed today. No idea by who/what, the mystery remains unsolved. No hole in the fence, feathers everywhere, 1 dead chicken, 1 alive and 3 missing.
I heard that a fox usually bites their head off, so that can’t be it? A wild cat?

Any ideas?




15 thoughts on “Murder in the Chicken Den…

  1. Oh dear, that’s awful news, I do hope that the remaining chicken will be okay without the others around, and that you will be too!

    Is it possible that a person could get into their enclosure and take them, rather than a wandering cat/fox/something with four legs going after them?

    • That crossed my mind too, because it’s just so strange. But who in his right mind would steal chickens and let them suffer?! There is only one left, i locked her up in the den for the night, in case it is a fox or other animal. Will have to find her new friends soon, I feel so bad for her.

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