A healthy Colorful Snack


Bring on the Cheese Please! But we’re staying on a healthy regime, finally Kale has become available over here, I’ve seen many recipes of fellow Bloggers with this Super-vegetable. 
I’m left with a whole bag of it, so I might try it in a Smoothie… Let’s see how that goes.

Bread covered with creamy Goat’s Cheese
Slices of Colorful cooked Beetroot
Radish marinated in Walnut Oil
Chopped Kale
Some Chorizo cubes.

I might have some Braised Pork Cheeks this evening 😉 



7 thoughts on “A healthy Colorful Snack

  1. Beautiful photo! I nearly picked up some kale yesterday but am not so sure it would be my favourite vegetable. The only thing I’ve heard of to do with it (short of lightly boiling/steaming it) is to deep fry it and end up with kale crisps, but that’s hardly a healthy option 😉

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