Let’s go Vegan: Day 6-7

The vegan days are officially over! Lots of reflections about this week:

Pure, healthy food!
Animal friendly,every little helps!
A knowledge that we eat so much cr*p in these prepared industrial foods!


A lot of preparation/ originality is needed to come up with daily dishes!
In our society it’s difficult being vegan, going out for dinner with friends, preparing a quick meal…
Unless being very well informed about nutrients, it’s not healthy being vegan full time. ( Some vegans might disagree but our Western style of cooking includes so much of these animal products, this might be a force of habit because Indian/Asian style cooking is much more Vegan friendly)


This experiment hasn’t convinced me to become a full time Vegan… But I enjoyed the versatility of Vegan dishes and made me aware that we should eat only Pure ingredients, done with foods that include numbers?!
A tricky but worth it experience and I will definitely include a couple of Vegan days/week.

Bring on the Italian Salami & french Cheeses 🙂

Here are a couple of recipes from these past days:



A Butternut/ Carrot & Coconut soup with Garam Masala, Coriander and Pomegranate. Delicious!!



Grains of Corn with Kale,mushrooms, garlic, onion and grilled tofu.



5 thoughts on “Let’s go Vegan: Day 6-7

  1. I enjoyed reading about your experiment, Marie! It’s funny, I never considered going vegan permanently or even experimenting like you did, but I do have many “vegan” meals a week, and never found it difficult to come up with ideas! I don’t even think of them as being vegan, just meat and dairy free 🙂 If you learned about yourself and how to eat better, then it was a positive experience after all!
    (PS. Did I mention a friend of mine gave me a Middle-Eastern cookbook in Flemish? I am having fun reading it and figuring out what some word mean, but I can’t wait to chose a recipe and make it!)

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