Day 1 – Let’s go Vegan…

Breakfast: I normally don’t eat much/ anything for breakfast but sadly had to decline my usual cup of Chocolate milk.
And No! Soy milk is entering my fridge, in my opinion it tastes like liquid dust, although I have never eaten dust, I have a suspicion soy milk would be it. Let’s try the chocolate soy milk tomorrow!

Off to work!

Snack: An apple and a cup of green tea (nothing unusual here)

Lunch: Off to the store, I bought a mix of raw vegetables ( salad, carrot, celery, tomato) with some Rye bread and Hummus. Wasn’t bad at all. The Italian Salami smiled at me but I resisted 🙂 .
Went on the lookout for a nice dessert, as my lunch break is pretty limited and people started to stare at me scanning the Cookie packages, so grabbed some 85% Dark chocolate…
If I thought Soy milk tasted like dust, unsweetened dark chocolate came Even closer!
(Isn’t it supposed to make you happy?)




We finished off with a winner! Quinoa salad with Roasted Butternut & Roasted Pine nuts. Fresh Spinach leaves, cooked Beetroot and Walnut oil. With a good pinch of Maldon Salt it made my day!

To finish off ( and to avoid eating spinach for the rest of the week):



A Spinach Smoothie with Ginger, Mango, lemon juice and some Goji Berries.

Day 1 was a success! See you again tomorrow 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Let’s go Vegan…

  1. I’m not sure if you can find these easily where you live, but, if you want to try a different experience to Soy milk I recommend looking for things like rice, almond and oat milks. They all have different tastes so would need experimenting for cooking and drinking. I was a vegetarian for some years and liked to try non-dairy products too but strongly disliked the taste of Soy milk. 🙂

    Good luck with your food diary week!

  2. Well, I have recently stopped buying milk (just because we don’t use it that much, unless I bake), but I have been experimenting with non dairy milks, and I wouldn’t “drink” soy milk (though I would use it in baking). Almond and oat milks are delicious, do give them a chance at some point 🙂
    Otherwise that quinoa salad sounds perfect, I am glad you enjoyed it!

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