-Squid with Garden Vegetables-


We’re back on track, holidays are over and the daily routine has found its way back.
Which means forgetting laundry in the washing machine, struggling to find matching socks, cooking strange
leftover dishes and wisely not putting them on the Blog 😉 .
Tuesday today, so my day off from work and a new recipe for you. Very simple and healthy steamed vegetables
with Saffron mashed potatoes and Squid rings.

It doesn’t take long at all, I combined this dish with mashed potatoes but Pasta would work perfectly as well.

Here we go:

Steam whatever garden vegetables you can find, in this recipe I used Romanesco Cabbage, Carrots, Sugar Snaps
and frozen peas. ( + Zucchini slices)
Fry the Squid rings into a very hot pan with olive oil and crushed garlic. Add some Maldon Salt and Coarse Black Pepper.
Soak Saffron threads into a tiny bit of water, in the meantime cook potatoes. Once the potatoes are cooked, mash them adding milk, butter, 1 egg yolk, the saffron threads, pepper and salt.

On the side make a Vinaigrette with Olive oil, lime & lemon to pour over the squid and vegetables.

Voilà! Easy again 🙂


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