– Tomates Crevettes-



Most of you probably aren’t familiar with these North Sea Shrimps. These shrimps are about 1/5 inch and cooked straight on the fishing boat.
They’re such a delicacy and best when you peel them yourself ( sit yourself down comfortably because it does take some time…)
The magical combination with tomatoes, hand cut fries and a big spoon of Mayo makes of this our Country’s Pride 🙂
Here’s the “Elegant” version, just because I had the time 😉

Here we go:

Cut potatoes in equal slices, steam for 7 minutes. cover them with breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown.
Peel the shrimps and keep the “carcasses” , cook the carcasses with white wine, garlic , tomato puree on low heat for about 1 hour. Make a Jelly by adding Agar Agar to the sieved juice and cool  down.
This dish is best served with salad (I used Watercress) and some home made Mayo with Chopped fresh Herbs.




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