-Everybody Loves Raymond…Blanc –



Raymond Blanc/ let’s admit it, he is a bit scary sometimes ( his giggle makes me want to hide…)  but what a genius the man is! He can talk about food, cook and you just want to smell, taste, grab whatever he is making.
That’s what happened when I saw his show Kitchen Secrets. Explaining all different recipes by poaching ingredients.
One of them is this Poached Salmon Ballotine with Dill, you know these kind of recipes that you see on tv,  it all seems so easy and if you make it you end up like Bridget Jones’ Blue Ribbon Soup?!
Well this is NOT one of them, it looks easy and it actually is… A good investment is a food thermometer especially when poaching because you have no clue  what’s happening on the inside.
My salmon was a bit thicker than Raymond’s but 12 minutes was perfect! Juicy & tasty salmon :-).
On the side I made a thick whipped cream with Wasabi, lemon juice and Rock Salt & Pepper and thinly sliced Cucumber.

Who else explains it better than The Man himself:

Here we go:

Salmon Ballotine with Dill.

Bon appetit!



9 thoughts on “-Everybody Loves Raymond…Blanc –

  1. I have never poached salmon before or any fish for that matter. I could learn a lot from your magnificent plating. Always so beautifully presented. And, I haven’t a clue who Raymond Blanc is…. I’m going to go google him now, I’m curious! 🙂

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