-Colorful Vegetables with a Dill Cream Cheese Dip-



Last Tuesday we went on a Culinary Journey with the Cooking Club *Les Gourmettes* , it starts to seem more like an eating Club than Cooking, considering our latest projects…
This time it led us to J.e.f  a Ghent based restaurant, the Chef is a member of The Flemish Foodies: A group of 3 young admirable Chefs.
It was certainly not your average fine dining restaurant, first of all the whole concept behind J.e.f is Sharing. Each guest receives his own plate and cutlery and food starts to hit the table 🙂
The presentation, originality, taste = Wauuw.
I fell in love with an Appetizer made of Cucumber with a Dill Dip beautifully presented! So today I couldn’t choose which vegetable to take so I made a whole Garden…

Here we go:

Chop up whatever vegetable you can eat raw, I found these gorgeous colored carrots.
For the Dill dip; Blend Cream Cheese with Pepper, Sea Salt, fresh Dill, a tsp of mustard and a squeeze of Honey and Lemon.
Add some fresh herbs to the plate, like Mint, Lemon Verbena, Scallions,…



7 thoughts on “-Colorful Vegetables with a Dill Cream Cheese Dip-

  1. There you go again putting together a beautifully presented spread! You are a master at presentation. Are you growing all those lovely carrot varietals? Well I do see you said you found them. We are really into dips right now around here. I’ll have to try yours. 🙂

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