-A Pizza Party-


Holidays are in sight, only 3 weeks to go!! Sorry dear Blog & visitor friends I haven’t posted, commented and read as much as I wanted to lately. I got a new job task which absorbs all of my leftover Blog time…
Holidays will mainly exist of painting window frames and cooking for friends – since I started the Blog I tend to get spontaneous dinner invite demands 🙂 . But I’m certainly not complaining, there is nothing better than cooking for people you love.
So a new chapter arises, while Mathias has to wait endlessly for his food ( assembling the plate, taking the perfect picture,…) I cannot put multiple friends through this same hassle.
So… Simple plate presentations are coming up!

This Pizza Party idea is ideal when receiving guests, make a plate of vegetables marinated in garlic & olive oil, cheeses,
anchovies, Basil, tomatoes, Figs, whatever you can use as a topping on a pizza. (which is almost everything).
I am a Pizza dough virgin so I am getting my worktop and muscles ready for this task.
Seen that Americans eat approximately 100 acres of Pizza per day which is 350 slices per second I better not waste any time!

Cominciamo or Here we Go:

For the pizza dough
375 gr or 13.28 oz. of 00 Flour
8gr or 0.28 oz. if dry yeast
2 tbsp of Olive Oil
1 tsp of Salt
200 ml or 1/2 cup of tepid water

Solve the yeast in the water and mix through the flour together with the other ingredients. Start and don’t stop kneading! Leave in a warm place and leave to rise for 1 H.
Cover your Pizza’s with Passata and dried Oregano and Serve with a plate of toppings. Let your guests do the work and all you have to do is put the Pizza’s in the oven and enjoy a glass of wine & the company of your friends 🙂

Doesn’t that sound like fun!




16 thoughts on “-A Pizza Party-

  1. Wow…us Americans are a pizza lovin’ bunch! I don’t eat near enough pizza myself. I’m too particular about my crust and toppings. However, what I see here in this post fits the bill. Especially the fig and proscuitto!

  2. Dear Marie, I am also impressed by the figs, what a good idea, I have a big box of fresh figs standing in the kitchen as it is fig time over here. They are everywhere. I have already made grilled figs with ‘jamón serrano’ and parmesan cheese, olive oil and a slice of ginger confit. Now it is Fig Pizzaaaa Party Time!
    Bye, Bye Pizza dough virgin! 😀

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