-Faux Gras Bonbons-


Faux Gras is an alternative vegetarian Foie Gras made by an Animal Rights Group over here in Belgium. Trust me, I am a huge fan of the real deal but an ordinary Saturday isn’t reason enough for such festivities.
Very easy and great as an appetizer and it can be made several hours in advance, just like Foie Gras it is delicious with something sweet, in this recipe Onion/Raspberry Chutney.
Take half a tbsp of Paté and roll between the palms of your hands until you become a little ball, roll in a plate of white and black sesame seeds.
Place on a dot of Chutney , add some chopped Thai Basil.

Bon appetit!!

& The ducks saw that it was good 🙂

*(  Faux Gras contains Palm oil, Tomato Puree, truffle, white wine, …)


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