-Goat’s Cheese with Chervil, Crispy Serrano & Sweet Meringue-



My first experience with Meringue worked!! Desserts (as some of my fellow Bloggers know) are not my thing, too much exact measurements… But I got a scale covered in dust out of the cupboard and weighed flour, covered the kitchen with egg whites because I didn’t even have an appropriate whisking bowl.
Goat’s Cheese as any cheese needs some Sweetness, whether it’s a Chutney, Honey,Grapes or Meringues? Thinking it’s nice to have something Crunchy with a Salty dish.
We used to go to the South of France on holiday when I was a kid, my standard restaurant order was a Goat Cheese salad, this time it’s not a salad but it does include greens 😉

I hope you will like this one, Here we go (again 🙂 )

Make a Chervil soup, add butter in a pan, Shallots, Chervil, chicken stock and a splash of white wine + Salt & pepper. Blend.
To make this into a Jelly, I used Agar Agar (which sounds sophisticated, it’s not – it’s a vegetarian gelatine) they sell it in 1gr-0.03 oz portions. Add it to the soup and cool down in the fridge.

Heat up the Goat’s cheese under the grill for a couple of minutes.
Meringues- whisk 4 egg whites with 200gr-7 oz. of powdered sugar, put little rounds onto parchment paper. Preheat your oven on 100 degrees-200 Fahrenheit for 1hour. I added some food coloring 😉

Grill slices of Serrano ham in the oven for 10 minutes until they become crispy (on parchment paper)

Add Hazelnuts, Herbes De Provence and Piment d’Espelette to your food processor.

The meringues were ok, but on the bottom I covered them with Salsa di Noci ( delicious Walnut Salsa)




4 thoughts on “-Goat’s Cheese with Chervil, Crispy Serrano & Sweet Meringue-

  1. Great post! I’m really liking your plate presentations. Now you have that song stuck in my mind…you know the one by Neon Trees…Animal! “Here we go again” That aside, this is a very interesting recipe. Some complex flavors and textures. I would really enjoy this and it would be so out of the ordinary for me to prepare this for my family. I love to impress them at times and I would give you all the credit! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, the song is stuck in my head now too… luckily it’s a good one 😉
      The chervil jelly didn’t really do it, lacked some seasoning unfortunatly. Well trying new things is part of the fun, I guess 🙂

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