-Fishcakes with a Gherkin, Caper & Fresh Herb Dip-



I saw Nigel Slater making fishcakes a couple of days ago. He makes it look so easy, and it actually is!
After fishing the fish out of the freezer ( Mathias went to the seaside last weekend and bought a Bag – yes a Huge Bag- of fresh Plaice . And as we’re on “emptying the freezer” tour so I had to use it. Maybe it’s a culinary No-go to use this fish for fishcakes?
The Sour cream dip is based on a recipe called “Tartare” which is mayo or in this case Sour cream mixed with fresh herbs, chopped Capers, Gherkins and Scallions/ Spring Onions. It goes really well with the fishcakes.

Excellent with a glass of Chilled Chardonnay 🙂

Here we go:

For the fishcakes:

Cook your fish in the oven with slices of lemon and crushed garlic. In the meantime boil potatoes. Mash up the potatoes and the shredded cooked fish. Add a splash of olive oil, 1 egg Yolk, salt & pepper.
Make little balls of this mixture, flatten and roll in flour. Heat up olive oil in a non-stick pan and 1 great advice from Nigel Slater is; don’t move the fishcakes, they won’t brown otherwise. It takes about 2 minutes on each side.

For the Tartare:

Chop up very finely ; Gherkins, Scallions, Tarragon, chives, Capers and mix together with the Sour Cream. Add Salt & Pepper.

I added some Sun dried tomatoes and olives as well 🙂





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