Sweet Chilli Marinated Chicken, Sweet Potato Chips & Mango & Cucumber Brunoise



Our version of Masterchef is on tv right now ( the final!! ) If the laptop wouldn’t be on my lap I wouldn’t manage to sit still… Although the program is literally translated as ” Hobby Chef” this level is just ridiculously high.
For a moment it crossed my mind to participate but I am so extremely happy I didn’t, seen the level and stress these cooks have to go through ( and being coached by two quite handsome and very famous chefs would make me run around like a headless chicken 😉 ) I would love to be at that level, but I’m not , yet 🙂
So I spent this afternoon in my kitchen while trying new recipes!
If I grill chicken I always marinate it ,  it makes it very hard to dry out and with the Sweet Chilli ( + olive oil, garlic  & lemon marinade ) the chicken is packed with flavor.

Here we go:

Marinate your chicken for several hours (the longer the better) in olive oil, sweet chilli sauce, chopped up garlic and a squeeze of lemon . Grill it for a couple of minutes on each side.
Chop up in Brunoise; Mango & cucumber, add some chopped scallion.
Peel a sweet potato and cut into thin slices , heat up sunflower oil and fry. When fried you leave them on kitchen towel to remove the excess oil, add some Sea salt.
Make a herby oil with Cilantro, olive oil and a twist of lemon.

Enjoy! Meanwhile the Chefs are making hot oysters with spinach, Champagne and a cheesy crust… Mouthwatering!



16 thoughts on “Sweet Chilli Marinated Chicken, Sweet Potato Chips & Mango & Cucumber Brunoise

  1. I absolutely love the idea of this marinade. The result of the chicken bathing in this marinade for several hours I am sure is fantastic. This looks so light and clean. I love it. (I’m still laughing over our little comment conversation today! Too funny about the green egg grill!)

  2. I am now marinating the chicken (couldn’t find sweet potatoes!) and I was thinking about what you wrote yesterday, the high stress levels of these ‘hobby chefs’. I have always thought that food should be the contrary to something stressy, food should be cooked under harmony and peace and probably love ;). Or is it strange what I am saying? I have found those television programs attractive but also sad, it is so much more about competition and ‘beating the other cooks’, than about feeling good and transmitting this to others you are cooking for…. Make food, not war. :)))

    • My dearest Rosa, you are so right! 🙂 To me cooking is something you must enjoy with no one shouting at your (which is the case on these programs). The same probably with your artwork. The best ingredient is indeed love 🙂

  3. I love the idea of marinating the chicken! Must taste so good! So true about Masterchef, at first I never thought the level would be so high, but it is really impressive! Also, your blog is very nice, I’ll be looking forward reading more 🙂

    Greetings from Italy!

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