Beetroot-Cherry Caviar, Hummus & Quinoa Salad



Cooking disaster struck yesterday… Mathias was gone for two days and I wanted to make a typical Belgian dish ( Beef cooked in Brown Beer that we call Stoofvlees) to surprise him. The surprise  was burnt stew.
Very strangely I have never managed to make it, the first time I used the wrong beer and it was disgusting and yellow where it’s supposed to be Brown. Second attempt was burnt. I let it rest for a while now :-).

So today a Healthy Salad which is very hard to ruin! United Nations called 2013 The Year of Quinoa, to be honest I find Quinoa in itself pretty bland. So plenty of veggies and sauces do the trick!

Here we go:

Rinse the Quinoa several times and cook for 12-15 minutes ( 1 Volume of Quinoa = 2 volumes of water).
Grill slices of Eggplant and Zucchini after marinating them in olive oil,lemon juice, salt & pepper.
Make Hummus ( Chick peas, olive oil, lemon juice, Cumin and a tsp of Garam Masala)
Blend Beetroot with olive oil, salt & pepper. I still had some Cherries left so I threw them in. I didn’t taste them that much because the beetroat has such a strong taste but it added a little sweetness.

Do you have a dish that never seems to work?

In the meantime, Enjoy this one 😉 And you’ll be the first ones to know when my Stew had succeeded!!



8 thoughts on “Beetroot-Cherry Caviar, Hummus & Quinoa Salad

  1. Lovely salad, Marie. So healthful, and the colors are beautiful. I adore beets, but Pierre doesn’t, and thi would be a nice way to please us both, just not adding the beet to his plate.
    Is Stoofvlees the same as Carbonnade flamande? I haven’t made it yet, but there will be a fish carbonnade on the blog tomorrow! I really want to try it sometime next winter though, I love the traditional beef version. As to a recipe which I mess up every single time, I have tried to make “tarte au sucre” many times recently (does it exist in Belgium?), and though it wasn’t a failure, it was still not what I expected! I should perhaps search for a better recipe.

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