Asperges à la Flamande



As a child I hated Asparagus season,  but just like other foods I was forced to eat them ( the normal way to discard unwanted food was to pass it under the table on to the dog, but he didn’t seem to like them either.) As a result I was stuck at the dinner table with a lecture on how not to spoil food and by force of habit they grew on me.
Especially the green kind, the white ones are still difficult … (thready stems with mushy tops *shivers down my spine*)
This is the Flemish way and in my humble nationalistic opinion 😉 the best.
The stems that you cut off, don’t waste them you can use them to make an asparagus soup with smoked salmon bits!

Here we go:

Chop of the stems of the asparagus , you can see the color changing from purple to green so cut off the purple part.
Steam them for 8 minutes, you
Boil eggs 12 minutes, finely chop them together with chopped parsley and chives. A good twist of coarse pepper and sea salt is required!
In the real flemish recipe you are supposed to cover them with melted butter but I have to say that I like it just as much with a splash of delicious Olive oil.





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