L’As du Falafel



It’s leftover friday, I had about 3/4 of a can of chickpeas left from yesterday’s recipe and we don’t like wasting food, don’t we?!
But I have great memories of L’As du Falafel in Le Marais, Paris. Many years ago I had lunch there and boy how I still remember it vividly, crunchy Falafels with delicious veggies… and apparently it’s the favorite “restaurant” of Lenny Kravitz! Lenny wasn’t invited tonight and I have to admit, no one does it better than they do but it was worth the try.

Here we go:

Finely chop cucumber without the seeds and mix with some greek yoghurt and chopped Cilantro, pepper & Salt.
You could add garlic as in a tzatziki but as I put crushed garlic into the falafels and still need to work tomorrow , I didn’t 🙂
Put chick peas into your food processor together with cumin, crushed garlic, parsley, olive oil (tiny bit!!) and season.
Make little balls and cover them with flour.If it sticks to your hand, add more flour.
I was afraid they were gonna break frying but if you put them in your freezer half an hour before cooking they don’t!
You can eat falafels with almost every vegetable, empty your fridges fellow bloggers 🙂

Enjoy! ( If you ever want to visit L’As du Falafel, remember it’s closed for Shabbat on Saturdays.)



15 thoughts on “L’As du Falafel

  1. J’adore l’As du falafel et les falafel en général ! Je les fais maison aussi, et j’improvise assez souvent ! Aujourd’hui j’ai mélangé des fèves fraîches et des pois chiches, c’était pas mal du tout, mais ta version avec l’accompagnement de tzaziki me plaît beaucoup aussi !

  2. Mmm, bonne combinaison! Moi aussi j’adore les pois chiches! Dimanche je vais au marché de Lille, j’ai hâte 🙂
    Mes falafels etaient pas très dense, c’est à cause du canned chick peas tu crois?

    • C’est possible que la texture s’explique par le fait que tu aies utilisé des pois chiches en conserve ! Je n’ai jamais essayé de frire des falafels faits avec des pois chiches déjà cuits, généralement je les cuis au four (ou si je veux frire, j’utilise des pois chiches crus). Mais je n’ai jamais essayé ta méthode, alors je ne suis pas 100% sûre !
      Bon weekend, et bonne expédition au marché ! Si j’ai le courage, j’irai acheter du poisson là-bas. 🙂

  3. Your presentation is amazing! I wouldn’t have the same patience! L’As du falafel is one of my favourite places in le marais, I used to visit every weekend when I lived in Paris

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