Squid & Confit de Citron



I’m back! Last weekend we went for a little Road Trip in France ( Bourgogne to be precise, heaven for a Red-wine lover)
But like a true foodie the only thing I thought about was food 🙂 God, I missed my kitchen!!
Today I decided to pay a little visit to Byttebier , a great store for design, cooking appliances in short a death trap,…
http://www.ruedesurene.com/ Lieve  is actually the owner of the store (which I nominated 🙂 ) and it was the first time I met her, and it was a true pleasure to talk about food with a fellow blogger! ( if only you all wouldn’t live that far 😉 )
Stacked up with numerous new plates,cooking things and an empty wallet…

Here we go:

Make a “confit de citron” by covering 1 sliced lemon with water and 2 tbsp of sugar, simmer for about 1 hour. Remove the water and Mix in a blender, add some olive oil.
Slice Zucchini and grill, I didn’t have time to soak chickpeas overnight so I used canned chickpeas. Marinate them in some olive oil, pepper & salt.
Score Baby Squid and add them to a non-stick pan on very high heat for a couple of minutes. Add Cilantro/ Coriander and Cherry tomatoes.

Easy again 🙂


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