The Liebster Blog Award!


First a word of thanks ( I feel like being at the Oscars 🙂 ) to for nominating me!
You must check out this website, it’s great! Even without the nomination I would recommend it 😉
It’s a very interesting this Liebster award  because you can discover plenty of interesting new blogs, I already did!
It is supposed to be an award to boost blogs under 200 followers, I didn’t check every blog for those amounts. I must say, it’s very hard to make a selection!

Apologies upfront because my nominee Blogs aren’t always in English…

Here are the rules:

• Post 11 random facts about yourself.
• Answer the 11 questions made by the person who nominated you.
• Create 11 questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
• Choose 11 bloggers to pass the award to and mention them in your post.
• Go to their blogs and let them know that they have been nominated
• No tag backs.

11 Random facts about me:

1. I love rainy, cloudy days
2. Recently I have visited New York, I love it! 
3. I’m horrible at paying Bills (Mathias made me put this one on…)
4. I am not a coffee person, two cups and I get the jitters.
5. I have the best friend a girl could hope for; Wim (fashion & design lover and likes good food)
6. I don’t like the sound of silence ( but I do like the song)
7. I wouldn’t have a problem eating Steak,fries and a lot of sauce in the morning. I would even prefer it to Cornflakes…
8. A big fan of British Series.
9. I don’t like Sport Activities, I wish I did.
10. My favourite colour is White.
11. I love Mathias & Buddy (and plenty of other people of course) so much I sometimes want to cuddle them to death (without any appreciation…)

Questions from my dear friend Cottage Grove House;


  1. What is your perfect Saturday?

Waking up and discovering the house is clean and the dog has stopped losing hair 🙂 No, serious. Going to the market for fresh food. Preparing dinner and having friends over in the evening.

       2.List one of your obsessions.

Tricky, I don’t think I have one. Yet!

       3. What is your favorite cooking spice?

Maldon Salt

       4. What is the one thing you keep putting off?

Paying Bills…

       5.Who is your favorite person?

Tricky again, I would have to say my soon to be husband.

       6.What is your favorite thing to do at home other than cooking?

Taking a bath.

      7.Are you a dog or cat person?

A dog person

      8.What is your favorite drink?

Red wine.

      9. Where would you go…Hawaii or Italy?

I love Italy but I’ve been there several times and I have never been to Hawaii so… Hawaii

     10.What genre of music do you enjoy most?

Cheesy french music, Paolo Conte, a bit of everything.

     11.Do you enjoy fiction or non-fiction?



The Questions for my fellow bloggers are:

1. What is your favourite website?
2. Which dish brings out the best memories?
3. If you would get the chance to meet a famous person, who would it be?
4. Salt or Sugar?
5. Most beautiful country you have ever visited?
6. Which song makes you instantly happy?
7. What was the last law you broke? 😉
8. Do you sleep on your back, front or side?
9. What human characteristic annoys you the most?
10. What is your favourite book?
11. Name the world’s biggest island? ( sorry I’m running out of questions 🙂 )


And my nominees are:


See you all soon!



9 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award!

  1. Dear Marie,

    It is very kind of you to think about my blog for a nomination and I really want to thank you with whole my heart for this lovely initiative, I truly appreciate it.

    However, if you don’t mind, I prefer to not participate in the award and please don’t take that personal (please, please); I simply cannot deal with it. (I probably would have to make a drawing for each question and each answer. 😉 )

    I hope you can still think of someone else

    Un abrazo enorme, Rosa

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