Welcome to Greece- Greek Salad



When you say  Greece I immediately think of Feta Cheese, Olives, tomatoes… Well in short Greek Salad!
A Spartan specialty was a black soup made from salt, vinegar, and blood.  Iieeuw, even Batali, Ducasse, Oliver and so on wouldn’t appreciate this I think/hope.
Done with Winter Stews, here come the Summer Veggies! ( I didn’t get to the Winter Stews yet, but due to my World tour, this will come eventually)

Here we go:

Make Basil oil by blending fresh Basil with good quality olive oil, salt,pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Boil water to remove the peel of the cherry tomatoes, you can do this by cutting a cross in the bottom of the tomatoes without cutting to deep, soak into boiling water for a couple of seconds. Cool down with ice cold water.
Crumble the Feta cheese in your hands, chop up olives, red onion and cucumber. I you want to do it all the way; roast red pepper in your oven and you can fill the cherry tomatoes with mashed roasted pepper.

Enjoy & don’t put Windex on it 😉


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