Welcome to Albania- Gjellë me Arra



Nodding your head in Albania means no, and shaking your head means yes?! Very useful for future visitors…
I’m already imagining all the situations that can be misunderstood 🙂
All the typical ingredients are in my dish today, but I gave it a little twist ( I missed my potato mash)
It is based on Gjellë me Arra, which is a slow cooked recipe with chicken and a flour,egg, walnut, garlic sauce.
But I poached the chicken with a walnut, garlic and ricotta filling.

Here we go:

Boil potatoes,mash them adding finely chopped chives, some milk, a splash of olive oil and don’t forget to season.
Cut your chicken filet in a two or if you have a chunky one, in slices and cover with a mix of blended walnuts, 2 cloves of crushed garlic and 2 tbsp of ricotta. Roll them up and squeeze into cling film making a kind of sausage.
I poached them in simmering water for 15 minutes ( that was too much, they were a bit on the dry side…)
Cut  a leek into chunks and steam  for about 8 minutes.
And then sauce …. finally 🙂
Cut up some shallots, add a good splash of Madère wine ( ok , it’s not Albanian but I bet they use it sometimes) and some heavy cream. You can always add a tsp of Mustard which makes it a bit more tangy.
Don’t forget to sieve the sauce, you don’t want lumps in it.

Bon appetit or shall I say T’bofftë mire!



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