Welcome to Estonia – Herring, Red Beet & Sour Cream



” Jätku leiba” May your bread last ! This seems to be something the Estonians say when they start their meal.
My bread sure doesn’t last long on my plate 🙂 I wish it did… *dreaming away of bread with rock salt and olive oil*
Back to business, their specialty is black pudding/ blood sausage. But when I was a child I saw my grandfather make blood sausage, since then… No thanks!
The Estonians have a very simple & cheap recipe collection, being located near Russia and Finland they have a lot of Nordic influences. Potatoes, pickled fish, cabbage, beets, sour cream,Rye bread…
So I decided to make my own “view” on their food.
(Special apron for this one, red beets seem as dangerous as Pomegranate!)

Here we go:

Cut rounds out of Rye bread and grill in the oven for 3 minutes, cut some rounds out of red beet .
Chop up some lightly smoked Herring and place on the Rye bread together with a  Quail egg, you bake it just like a normal egg.  Chop up some white cabbage which you can marinate in some olive oil with salt & pepper. I didn’t because it would have looked too smudgy on the picture ;-). But it does taste better.
Mix into a food processor; sour cream, a tsp of mustard, dill and a squeeze of honey. ( The bread is already sour so the sour cream needed some sweetness .

Delicious, cheap, easy and healthy. What do you need more?

Jätku leiba! Hear, Hear 🙂




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