Welcome to Fiji – Kokoda


I have to be honest, I don’t know Anything about Fiji, here’s a 1 sentence recap.
A Republic consisting of several islands, sand, beaches, gorgeous sea and Rugby is the most popular sport ( weird, no?)
Kokoda seems to be a traditional and popular dish and it is Delicious!! Be aware, planning is required because you need to marinate the fish about 8 hours. On my way to be an organised cook ( not really 🙂 )
Use a white firm fish , the locals use Mahi Mahi ( a greenish fish that looks like it just hit a wall ) but Mr/Mrs Mahi Mahi doesn’t come near our North Sea …

Here we go:

Cut up the fish and marinate in the juice of 4 limes & salt for about 8 hours (use a glass bowl ! No metal bowls because of the acidity) so strange that this marinade actually “cooks” the fish. The texture is very different to raw fish.
Slice a tomato, cut up a cucumber without the seeds, make a herby oil – blend cilantro,oil, salt & pepper and cut up some red Chilli.
And my investment of the month is … An Espuma Bottle ( it comes pretty cheap, about €40/ $ 30 ) whatever you do, shake it and it looks fancy 🙂
Pour Coconut milk into the bottle and it makes it into a gorgeous frothy foam, I thought pure coconut milk lacked some sweetness.

So easy, you don’t need tonnes of ingredients and it looks & tastes great! I’m starting to like this world tour!!


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