Welcome to Chile- Pastel De Choclo



The adventure begins… And the first country is Chile!

No need to go to the Gym this week ( I never go though 😉 )
By the time you grated the sweetcorn your arm muscles will have tripled in size!
The corn pie is delicious! Not my n°1 favorite dish in the world but in terms of flavors, I have rarely eaten a dish that has everything together; spicy, salty, sweet! Yummie!!
And a dish with a history, thank you Jim for advising this recipe! You will find a link to his blog.
I adapted the recipe a bit, I based it on  “The Congressional Club Cook Book” from 1927.
http://eatingchile.blogspot.be/ -A great website!


Here we go:

Chop very finely 1 red chilli with 4 slices of Pancetta (I prefer the taste of Pancetta) with some olive oil. Once fried, sieve to retrieve a colored and spicy oil. I’m planning to make some more to store, the smell & flavor is great!

Slice 1 onion and fry it in the colored oil with  1 kg/2.20 pounds of minced porc & calf.
Add 1 tsp of Cumin seeds & chopped olives, cook on medium heat. The meat will release water, you can always add some flour to thicken the mixture.
I didn’t add raisins (  not a big fan- apparently since I was about 6 months)
In the meantime, grate the corn of 6 cobs, trust me you won’t have any arms left…respect to the Chilean ladies!!
(you can also blend canned corn but fresh is always better)
Heat up the corn with some milk on medium heat.
Boil 2 eggs for 10-12 minutes. Cut them into rounds.

Put the meat into an oven dish, place the eggs  on top and pour the corn mixture over it.
Cook for 15 minutes on 175° or 350 Fahrenheit.

A great cheap dish, lots of flavor but it takes some time!

Prepare your sunglasses, swimming suits and cocktail glasses because the next country is … Fiji!!



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