*Meet Les Gourmettes*

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Meet Les Gourmettes! Friends since High school we tried to find a reason to see each other more often…
So we started a cooking/eating club. First time was at Evelyne’s where we had a delicious dinner, great appetizers, gorgeous duck and a great dessert!
Now it was my turn, being so obsessive with my blog and having to work on Saturdays I decided to make an interactive workshop 🙂

I made scrambled eggs with truffle salsa, Oeufs Cocotte with spinach and cream, some toasted bread, peas & mint Dip, Salmon toasts, just breakfast in the evening!

And then… we learned to poach eggs (you can see on the pictures how exciting something so simple can be 🙂 )

Several bottles of wine and Cava later we managed to make the perfect poached eggs!!!

Too excited about the result (and the excess wine…) I didn’t take a picture.Such a shame!

Great friends as they are, they offered me a holiday during my next Culinary/World travel! — See the big project
Each of them will cook a recipe from the 196 countries list. 7 countries less to do 🙂

Now the countdown begins… See you all on the first of April !!!


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