Salmon & Sour Cream Rolls

Dill 2

After my Soupe Bonne Femme, I was left with enough Dill and Salmon to feed our whole neighborhood.
And someone … (my bf) HATES throwing away food, and I have to admit that (although I love them dearly) feeding chickens smoked salmon is a bit over the top….even for a Sunday.

So, I had tortillas left and some sour cream. Ingredients for a fancy Sunday appetizer, I will give you the recipe for the sour cream dip. Salmon and tortillas depend on how much you want to make. 1 tortilla makes about 5 pieces. Because you have to cut of the 2 edges.

Here we go:

Mix 3 tbsp of Sour cream with fresh Dill, 1 tsp of mustard, 1 tiny tsp of honey, some salt & pepper in a blender.
cover the tortillas with the dip, add smoked salmon and roll. Don’t make them to long in advance or the tortilla will become too soaked with the dip.
Cut into 1 inch (2.54 cm thank you Google) slices.



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