Soupe Bonne Femme (De Luxe)

Dill 3

Nothing easier than a good soup as a starter (when inviting guests) or on a weekday with some bread!

Yesterday I had guests over, they are great so I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. When we were invited at their place they made us Lobster!! (They only reason for that was that she didn’t close the freezer door properly and the lobster had to be eaten… but I couldn’t serve them just potato & leek soup! So I tuned it to a luxury edition 🙂

Here we go:

Cut up 3 leek whites and 3 floury potatoes and rinse well, melt some butter on medium heat and add the leek & potatoes.
Add 1.5 l of chicken stock and leave on medium heat.
When the vegetables are tender, mix everything.
Season to taste, I like to add some heavy cream at the last minute.

Luxury finish:
At the last minute (more second, because the salmon sinks & disappears into the soup if you cut it to big)
add the smoked salmon and some sprigs of fresh Dill.

Very tasteful and it makes us feel like “une bonne femme” 🙂

Bon appetit!


2 thoughts on “Soupe Bonne Femme (De Luxe)

  1. This sounds really good. When I use salmon in the soup I sometimes serve the bowl empty with the salmon strips at the bottom and have a jar with the soup which I pour in at the last minute at the table when everyone is seated! Great quick recipe!

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